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Distributor: Prince August Games
Category: Adventure game
Players: 2-6 (best with 3-4)
Play time: 02:00-03:00
Ages: 8+
Content:     1  game board (as a 6 pieces jig-saw puzzle) 
    1  rules booklet 
    6  character sheets for the heroes and their people 
120  cards (51 battle cards, 24 sparkling stones, 12 creatures, 21 magic items, 12 divine intervention) 
  18  hero counters with plastic holders 
  18  energy counters
Game target: To be the first player who leaves 4 different kind of Sparkling Stones at his portal: a crystal, a ruby, an emerald and a diamond.
Rules: Rules in Swedish 
Strategy: -
Comments: Year of publication is 1989. Constructed by Fabrice Cayla, Pierre Clequin and Jean-Pierre Pecau. 
Your portal is the "place" where you start the game. It's a bit unclear in the rules. 
Unfortunately I've only played it with 2 players. It's apparently better with more. 
(I don't know the English name of the game.)



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