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Distributor: Alga
Category: Adventure game
Players: 2-4
Play time: 60-90 minuter
Ages: 12+
Content:     2 rules leaflets (base + reference)
    1 game board
    1 sun disc
    1 12-sided die
    1 sun die
  50 red counters
  50 black counters
  20 transparent plastic feet
  80 labyrinth tiles
105 room tiles
    4 batte discs
    1 dragon tile
    5 spider web tiles
    4 shuriken tiles
    4 arrow tiles
    4 throwing daggers
  16 open door tiles
  13 hero characters
  18 treasure chamber cards
  12 dragon cards
  18 monster cards
  12 amulett cards
    8 ring cards
  10 special cards
  12 hero cards.
Game target: The goal is to dare to enter the Dungeon at the sunrise and collect as many treasures as possible. The hero who succeeds to exit the dungeon before the sunset with as many treasures as possible wins the game. If none succeeds, than the game wins.
Rules: Basic rules in Swedish
Reference rules in Swedish
Strategy: -
Comments: My edition is from 2002. The designers are Jacob Bonds and Dan Glimne.

This is a new reworked edition of Dungeonquest, including the best fitting parts of both expansions. I like this version better than the old one. Especially the combat system makes the game more interesting. The components is *much* nicer than in the old Swedish version (probably similar to the English version Dungeonquest).

Differences with the old game:
- The board is now a square and the dragon chamber is randomly in one of the nine inner squares. Even a *tiny* chance to win over the dragon (12 dragon cards = less risk to awaken it (8 before)).
- Several players on the same square.
- A sun die with 3 with clouds (0 step), 2 with 1 sun (1 step) and 1 with 2 suns (2 steps). The scale is on 21 steps (a skull on the 22nd), so roughly the average would be 36-37 rounds (???) in average.
- If your hero is killed, you're "responsible" for the roaming monsters (not killed monsters, which may move).
- Combat system: A better variant of rock-paper-scissors:
Strength => Psychic => Dexterity => Armour => Strength etc
You move one step forward, backward or stand still in each blind. If equal, you're characters/monsters attributes are compared instead => which gives a larger amount of bluffing skill in the combat. You start each combat with combatpoints = hitpoints and loose only combat points during the fight. If you loose, you loose *one* hp. There are also other way during the adventures too loose hp's. You may rest a round to recover *one* hp up to your hero's max hp. To compensate the better chance for the monster, it's said that the monsters are slightly stronger (I haven't checked it yet).
- Both expansions are included. The same 13 original heroes, but the catacombs are very simplified, as you either fall into the catacombs or you can go down, *but* you then start your turn by throwing the T12 die and *if* the room tile with this number exist in the dungeon, you come upp there! Ie the catacomb movement it more chaotic.
- The quality of the cards is very poor with thin cards and the board was not really flat when I got it.

....and YES, it's very Swedish-heavy, with even more text on the cards, but on the other hand the rules are separated in a rules leaflet and a reference leaflet, which makes the startup and the looking up of rules much easier.

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