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Distributor: Decipher Inc
Category: Card game
Players: 2+ (but normally only with 2 players)
Play time: 0:45
Ages: 12+

Each player brings to the game at least 71 cards (and perhaps more):
- Frodo bearing The One Ring (2 cards),
- a draw deck of at least 60 cards, and
- a 9-card adventure deck.

Game target:

A player wins the game when his fellowship is at site 9 and his Ring-bearer survives all skirmish phases. A player may also win by becoming the only player left in the game.

Rules: Rules in English
Strategy: -
Comments: My edition is from 2001. This TCG contains totally 363 cards (121 common, 121 uncommon and 121 rare) in the first serie called "Fellowship of the Ring". It's planned to release more series later on.

Turn sequence.
1. Fellowship Phase
2. Shadow Phase
3. Maneuver Phase
4. Archery Phase
5. Assignment Phase
6. Skirmish Phase
7. Regroup Phase

I first downloaded the demo deck from the publisher's site, which was a good way to realise that this is an unusually good game to be a TCG/CCG game, as you can't have a fun game at home with just the two starter decks "Gandalf" and "Aragorn", although these only are balanced to be enough for a 7-card adventure instead of normally 9 cards.

The rules to the demo deck is slightly unclear, so it's better to download the full expanded rules from the net. Some of the phases (like maneuver) are only done, if any one of the active cards has the name of the phase written on it.



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