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Distributor: Avalon Hill
Category: Adventure game
Players: 2-16 (2-6)
Play time: 03:00+
Ages: 12+
Content:   1 rule book (1st edition)
Character sheets of "Personal History Pad"
  1 treasure setup card
20 hex tiles (serves as a game board which is different each game)
16 character cards
  2 D6 dice (red + white)
16 attention counters (beige/blank, small square)
  4 weather chits (orange/blank) (special,shower,storm,clear) (small sq)
10 site chits (8 orange+2 red(lost city+castle) / blank) (small sq)
  6 number chits 1-6 (red/blank, small sq)
10 sound chits (2x5) (red/blank) (small sq)
  1 day (=turn) chit (red/blank) (small sq)
  1 monster roll chit (red/blank) (small sq)
  6 visitor/mission counters (orange/white) (small sq)
       (scholar/pillage, shaman/escort party, warlock/food ale,
        revolt/quest, conquer/war, crone/raid)
16 character counters (beige/green) (large round)
20 warning chits (5x4) (yellow/blank) (smoke/ruins/dank/bones/stink - M/V/W/C)
  4 dwellings (inn, house, chapel, guard) (brown/grey) (large sq)
  2 campfires (large and small) (brown/grey) (large sq)
  2 armor H counters (grey/white=damaged) (large circular)
24 weapon counters (red/white) (small circular)
13 equipment counters (6 helmets, 4 shields, 3 breastplates)
            (small circular, grey/white=damaged)
192 combat counters (beige/white, small sq)
            (character symbol/combat label (fight, move, berserk, duck, magic))
12 monster counters (large sq) (grey, blue, violet / red)
  5 counters (medium sq) (3 dragon, 2 giant club) (red/pink)
16 monster counters (medium sq) (grey, blue)
29 monster counters (small sq) (excluding ghosts) (10 green, 18 lila, 1 red)
  2 ghost counters (=dwellings) (small sq)
  1 T-armor counter (medium circular)
  7 gold weapon + weapon counters (small circular) (=valuable treasures)
42 native counters (red, green, orange, blue, brown)
17 horse counters (squares for natives)
17 horse counters (round for adventurers)
47 spell cards
74 treasure cards
Game target: To get 5 Victory Points (VP) in any combination through the categories GREAT TREASURES, SPELLS, FAME, NOTORIETY and GOLD. Before the game starts, each player secretely writes down how he wants to win the game.
Rules: 2nd edition rules in English (1.6 Mb - Acrobat Reader needed)
Index to 2nd edition rules in English
Playing summary in English
Strategy: -
Comments: Year of publication is 1979. I got my copy through the Ebay auction site, as the game has been out of print for a long time.

This seems to be the game with the most extensive rules, which often makes it a "shelf-warmer". But the fantasy theme appeals to me, as I also like roleplaing. There are still an active discussion list about the game, as well as a good FAQ. Also there are a lot of PBEM players around the world.

The rules are separated in 4 parts (for the 2nd edition) (7 parts for 1st edition) and you introduce an new part for each game you play to simplify the learning of the rules. The charcters are really different with their own advantages and disadvantages. This is not a game for beginners to start with.

Check my link page for more information about this game


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