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Distributor: Garfield Games / Wizards of the Coast
Category: Card game
Players: 2  (there are also variants for more players in the rules booklet)
Play time: 00:20-00:40 (may sometimes take longer time)
Ages: 12+  (You need good knowledge in English)
Content: 1  deck of 60 cards per person 
1  rules booklet
(Good to have one 20-sided dice each to keep track of the score in an easy way)
Game target: Make the opponents 20 points decrease to or below zero, by playing land, monster and different spell cards.
Rules: Wizards of the Coast 
Rules and discussion forum in English 
Strategy: The most important is to put together a good and well balanced deck of card and play with good timing in the order of playing the cards. You can sometimes play with good luck, but in the long run you need to have a lot of skill.
Comments: The 5th publication of the game is from 1997. Those rules are also used in the PC game from Microprose, which I find much better than the card game. It's weakness is that you have to buy extra booster packs to be successful. But it's really an interesting game to play at home with two deck of cards with not too many extra cards.

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