Klicka för svenska      Middle-Earth the Wizards

Distributor: Iron Crown Enterprise
Category: Card game
Players: 2
Play time: 01:30
Ages: 12+
Content: 60 card "Gandalf deck"
60 card "Saruman deck"
  1 Middle-Earth play mat
  2 player sheets
  1 Initial Adventure Guide
  1 short quick-reference Starter Rules book
  1 complete Rules book
  2 "burning eye" six-sided dice
  2 "Hobbit" company markers (white + grey)
  2 "Marshalling points" markers (white + grey) (point counters)
Game target: Eliminate the opponents wizard or that the opponents deck of card is finished or you have received 20  "marshalling points" (MP) in the end of the opponents nex turn.
MP are received by control of characters, allies, items and fractions, as well as destroying the opponents creatures.
Rules: Rules in English         (from IronCrown Enterprises )
Review in English     (from The Game Cabinet )
Strategy: -
Comments: Not yet played with a real opponent.
Edited 1997.
Feels like a better card game than "Magic the Gathering", but it might depend on that the Initial Adventure Guide gives a good example game, so it's easy to start playing.


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