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Distributor: Die Sternspieler
Category: Strategy game
Players: 3-5 (best with 4-5 players)
Play time: 45-60 minutes
Ages: 12+
Content:   1 board
16 tokens in each colour (
Piper, Snake charmer, Elephant trainer,  Fire eater)
  5 short rules
Game target: To promote lots of your own artists, which means to get lots of points.
Rules: Rules in English
Strategy: -
Comments: My edition is from 2001. The designer is Christiane Knepel. A later family adapted edition 2003 is called "Message to the Czar" in English and "Kurier des Zaren" in German.
Extract from the Essen game report 2002

After a snack dinner at the ferry we went up to the library to play some of our new games. First out was “Muscat”, which was has a nice mechanic like rock-paper-scissors, but instead it is piper-snakecharmer-elephanttrainer-fireeater. Every player has 4 tokens of each kind. Each turn you have 3 choices, but you may only execute one of them:
-          Bring a new token (either the one face-up in front of you or a randomly drawn) into action on a marketplace of the first level.
-          Activate the cycle of power (if there are 3 tokens in on marketplace), to throw the “losing token” on the street below the marketplace and move up the other 2 to different marketplaces on the next level.
-          Activate the never-do-well
   o       Re-employment of a token on a street.
   o       Transfer a tile to another marketplace with 2 tiles on  the same level, which automatically activates the cycle of power.
   o       Exchange a token with another player’s token of the same type and same level. On one of the marketplaces the cycle of power must be executed, which requires 3 tokens there.
   o       Transformation may be executed if one of your tokens are in the weakest position of 3 and you have a token corresponding to the empty position in one of the streets. You may take this into the marketplace and take the other token out of the game. The cycle of power is activated immediately.

The game ends when there are a certain number of tokens (depending of the number of players) at the safe palace level. Then the palace and every marketplace gives plus points and all streets give minus points. These are of course more for higher levels.

Although it is more abstract than I had anticipated, it’s an interesting game. It gets less rating by me for being so abstract.
Result: Carl=13, Christina=52, Peter=32
Rating: Carl=6, Christina=6, Peter=5+  



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