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Distributor: Casper
Category: Roleplaying
Players: 3-5 (best balanced for 5 players)
Play time: 01:00+ (different separate scenarios)
Ages: 10+ (the Dungeon Master should be elder)
Content:   1  rules booklet 
  1  task booklet 
  5  hero mats 
  5  plastic holders for the hero mats 
35  plastic spikes 
  7  game board sections 
  1  game board section = stairs 
  1  plastic holder for the stairs section 
  2  sheets containing the citadel sections, the monster tiles, the task markers and the coorporation tiles. 
10  doom trooper characters 
  1  sheet adhesive stickers 
37  notched foot holders 
84  cards (13 doom troopers, 12 monsters, 13 events, 10 secret missions, 36 equipments) 
  9  dices (3 white, 3 red and 3 black) 
28  characters belonging to the Dark legion (12 legionary, 9 necromutants, 3 centurions, 2 razids, 1 nefarit and 1 ezoghoul in four parts)
Game target: The coorporation players try to eliminate all creatures of the Dark legion, while the Legion player try to eliminate all Doom Troopers. the player who has eliminated the most characters wins. The game is over either when all Legion creatures or all Doom Troopers are eliminated.
Rules: Rules in Swedish 
Strategy: Even if the Doom Troopers must cooperate, it's important for them to also perform their secret missions and try to get as much experience as possible, to get better before the next mission.
Comments: Not yet played. 
Published 1993 by Target Games.



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