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Distributor: Kosmos
Category: Strategy game
Players: 2-4 (best with 3-4 players)
Play time: 100 minutes (but has a tendence to take longer)
Ages: 12+
Content:   1 Game board
60 Sea Discoveries (also including 15 Atlantis Discoveries)
  1 Base Station
  1 Start-Player Disk
20 Residential Stations
20 Research-Stations
80 round Station Markers (20 in each player color)
60 Researchers (15 in each player color)
12 Submarines (3 in each player color)
  1 Ruins of Atlantis board
15 Atlantis Discovery tiles
  4 Special Goal cards
  1 packet of “Nemos” (40 x 1 Nemos, 40 x 5 Nemos )
30 square Marker Chips (20 x 0/1, 5 x 3/3, 5 x 1-5)
  4 Overview Cards with short rules
Game target:

You have two objectives:
1.      Recover as many Sea Discoveries as possible. Each Sea Discovery brings you points.
2.      To have a chance for victory, you must make these points multiply. Your points can multiply if you have many research stations on line; the more of a research type, the better.

You may earn additional points as well as cash for recovering the ruins of Atlantis. At the end of the game, whoever has the most points, wins the game.

Rules: Rules in English
Strategy: -
Comments: My edition is from 2002. The designer is Birgitte and Wolfgang Ditt.
An English edition is published by Mayfair Games Inc.

Phase 1: Building the Undersea City
   a) Buy 1 Station (Research Station – 1 Nemo, Residential Station – Free)
   b) Building Research Stations
Phase 2: Deploying the Researchers
   a) 1 or 2 Researchers Can Be Moved
   b) Operating a Research Station
   c) Scoring the Research Stations
Phase 3: Exploring the Ocean Floor
   a) Launching the Submarines
   b) Sonar Scans
   c) Moving Submarines
   d) Recovering Sea Discoveries

Extract from the Essen game report 2002 When all was set-up for the exploration game “Nautilus” and we had found a couple of other players it was 10.30 pm. In the beginning it was a bit slow, before we got a feeling for the mechanics and phases, although in the first rounds we mostly only made the first and soon the second phase. Shortly it has 3 phases: Building the Undersea City, Deploying the Researchers and Exploring the Ocean floor. I found it quite interesting, although a bit slow. You had to utilise the other players research stations, to get enough active stations, but none of us realised before it was too late the importance of having most number of research stations before it was too late. It’s a game which you need to play twice at least. All of us probably gave it one rating lower than it could have had because of it was slighter longer than it was worth, but also because it’s quite a lot of a solitaire game with few interactions. I wanted to love the game, as I’m fond of both the exploration and the theme, but I just like it.
Result: Carl=14x9=126, Peter=6x6=36, Stefan=5x6=30, Fredrik=16x3=48
Rating: Carl=7, Peter=6, Stefan=6, Fredrik=7  



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