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Distributor: Jumbo
Category: Strategy game
Players: 3-6
Play time: 0:45
Ages: 10+
Content: 42 Wind cards (5 x "5", 8 x "3", 11 x "2", 10 x "1", 8 x "Dionysus/1")
  1 wooden ship for Odysseus
  6 Task cards
  1 gameboard
  6 God cards
30 large adventure disks (5 x 6 different adventures)
  6 wooden disks for the divine powers
Game target: Each player has a Task card with three illustrations which is known only to him. These illustrations stand for the different adventures that Odysseus experiences. These adventures are also pictured on the disks on the gameboard. Each player tries to steer the ship to the adventure disks which match those on his Task card and thus earn the corresponding 1, 2, or 3 points. Whoever first earns 10 or more points wins the game.

If more than one player has reached this victory condition simultaneously, the player with the higher total wins. If there is still a tie, the player that scored the most points on the last completed adventure wins.

Rules: Rules in English
Strategy: -
Comments: My edition is from 2001. The designer is Dominique Erhard. The game is only published in German.

Each round, Odysseus' ship sails over the sea. By using Wind cards, players try to influence the direction of the ship. Additionally, each player can use his divine power to further influence the event.
1. Movement of the ship (generally)
2. Placing Wind cards and divine powers
3. Movement of the ship (specifically)

The game is pretty interesting, mainly because of the different "divine powers", who changed between the players. But therer is a certain unbalance in the game, as one or more colours are less influenced than others, if you are less than six players.



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