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Distributor: Äventyrsspel
Category: Adventure game
Players: 2-6 (best with 2-3, otherwise the game becomes too drawn-out)
Play time: 01:00
Ages: 9+
Content:   1  game board 
  1  marking board with status of the provision and the car.
48  expedition cards
73  event cards 
23  terrain cards 
  6  key counters 
  6  playing counters 
12  marking spikes 
  1  dice
Game target: To reach the key counters as fast as possible wioth your expedition. When you have found two identical keys, you have to return to an optional starting square as soon as possible and point out two identical key counters.
Rules: Rules in Swedish
Strategy: The game is a bit too random. The skillnes is to put togehter a good expedition from the very beginning. Probably it depends a bit of the temperament of the player how the expedition looks like.
Comments: Unknown publication year. Probably during the 90th decade.
Game designers: Lars-Åke Thor and Fredrik Malmberg.
Have a tendency to be drawn-out with too many players.
Write some key information from the rules in the box beside the status scales of the provision/car. It faciliates a lot!
(I don't know an English name. Probably it's only published in Sweden.)



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