Klicka för svenska      Oltre Mare - Merchants of Venice

Distributor: Mind the Move (1st and 2nd edition 2004)
Amigo (3rd edition in a big box 2005)
Category: Card game
Players: 2-5 (best with 4-5 due to the trading factor)
Play time: 60 minutes
Ages: 10+
Content: -
Game target: -
Rules: Rules in English
Strategy: -
Comments: My edition is from 2004. The designer is Emanuele Ornella. My copy is number 170 of 700, which sold out in 3 days in Essen 2004. Soon after had the 2nd edition sold 2000 copies. Amigo has published a big boardgame of this popular game during 2005.


Extract from Essen game fair report 2004 After lunch we continued by ourselves and in hall 9 we tried the game Oltremare - Merchants of Venice, which we had heard good things about. It has a few similarities with Bohnanza, but it's definitively a much better card game, although some might find it more complex. We played it with a German guy and the rules was presented by its Italian designer Emanuelle Ornella. Rate 8 of 10, which is high rating by me for a card game.



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