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Distributor: Alga
Category: Trivia/word game
Players: 2-4 (best with 2 player or maybe a team)
Play time: 00:30-00:40
Ages: 9+
Content:   2  doublesided subject sheet with more than 400 subjects 
  1  pad with protocol sheets 
  4  pencils 
  1  hour-glass 
18  counters
Game target: Write words, so they hook into each other; ie the last letter in a word should be the start of the next word. During 30 seconds you write as many words as possible in the category you randomly has pointed at on the subject sheet. Next time you pick a new subject. The one who first fills his sheet with a long chain of words is the winner.
Rules: -
Strategy: -
Comments: Publication from 1995. Licensed from "The Michael Kohner Corporation". 

Quite nice game, but not really original. I would have appreciated if there were cards with the categories, instead of pointing at the subject sheet. We often tended to point out the same subjects.

(I don't know the English name of the game.)



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