Klicka för svenska      Die Magier von Pangea (German)

Distributor: Queen Games
Category: Strategy game
Players: 2-4 (best with 2-3 players)
Play time: 1:00
Ages: 10+
Content:   1 Gameboard - contains 26 square water fields of which 15 of them are numbered from 1-15.
  5 Player tablet - 1 for each player. The remaining 5th material is for the neutral mage.
40 Master markers (8 for each player, including neutral player(s))
  5 Magic towers
15 Land tiles
  5 Marking stones (to keep track of number of goods)
  5 Spell markers (one for each player to block a tile square on the board)
25 Amuletts in 5 types
Game target: Victory Conditions:
- Collect 5 different amulets in your tower (highest victory condition), or
- Collect 4 different amulets in your tower and at least 10 goods (2nd-highest victory condition), or
- Collect 3 different amulets in your tower and have at least 20 goods(3rd-highest victory condition).
Rules: Rules in English
Strategy: -
Comments: My edition is from 2001. The designer is Ralf Burkert. There's only a German edition of the game.

Turn sequence:
1. Spell Removal (take away your tile square blocking)
2. Magic (depending on your number of delivered amulets)
3. Movement (all your minions may move one square)
4. Amulet Purchase (only purchase at other players minion)
5. Manufacturing Phase (get goods at producing squares)
6. Cast a spell (block a tile square until next turn)

One of the few games, which is better with fewer players. My rating increased when I played it with less players. As most fantasy themed games, this one appeals a lot to me. It's easy to forget, that all tiles may move "wrap-around" on the board, which may make this game a real brain-killer.

Extract from Essen game report 2001. Up to the library again for playing some games. My new copy of "Die Magier of Pangea" got the first chance. We all really liked the game mechanism and it flowed quickly in the beginning, but when a few of us was on the edge to win, we started to analyse the game more and more and it appeared to have a troublesome kingmaker problem. Still I really want to like this game! Later I’ve read that the game is really good with just two players, so I’m looking forward to try this (ratings CGS=6, ML=3, SL=5, TB=3).



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