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Distributor: Amigo
Category: Strategy game
Players: 3-5
Play time: 1:30
Ages: 10+
Content: 60 Pirate cards
52 Tavern cards (Action, Combat and Tall-Tale)
51 Gold coins in 3 values
50 Treasures
20 Setting rings in 5 colours
  7 Pirate ships in 6 colours (including 2 Blackbeard ships)
  6 Dice
  5 Fame markers in 5 colours
  5 Captain's wheel (plus arrows and ring fastened on them)
  5 Ship status cards
  1 Game board
  1 Rules leaflet
Game target: To collect as fame points as possible during 12 rounds. You may get these through burying treasures on Treasure Island, through victories over Blackbeard, the Royal Navy or your opponents, and also through the tell-tale cards.
Rules: Card paste-ups in Swedish and English (Word document)
Rules in English
Strategy: You should either be fast and avoid combats or strong to win the combats. The first strategy requires more cunning in guessing where the other player's may sail.
Comments: My edition is from 2002. The designers are Paul Randles and Daniel Stahl.
There is no English edition of the game.

The game is played in 12 rounds. Each round has 6 phases:
1. Pirate Cards are revealed and ships navigate
2. Action cards are played
3. Battles are fought and won
4. Islands are plundered
5. Special island functions are executed
6. Blackbeard sails

To be such a random game (through the dice combats), it's really fun with both adults and children. The roleplaying of pirates starts more or less automatically and the game is really engaging. A lot of laughters during the gaming.



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