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Distributor: Kärnan
Category: Trivia/word game
Players: 4-8
Play time: 0:30-1:00
Ages: 12+
Content:     1 game board
288 word cards
    2 game counters
    1 standard die
    1 special die (chooses one of the 3 play variants in each turn)
    1 hourglass (1 minute)
Rules leaflet
Game target: Explain the words on the word cards with synonyms, opposites, associations and other clues and make the team guess as many words as possibly before the time has finished.
You get a die throw for each completely guessed card (=4 words) for "Guessing within the team" variant (only the team in turn may guess). The die throws are used to get around the game board and over the finish line.
If it's "Everyone guesses" (all guesses on the same card), then you take several cards and you guess for example the 3rd word (decided by a die) on each card. Number of won cards = number of steps on the game board.
For "Duel" (the teams guesses on different cards and should be ready first) one of the team guesses all words on a card and the hourglass is then immediately turned and the other team tries to guess the words on their card in lesser time.
Rules: Rules in Swedish
Strategy: -
Comments: Year of publication is 1999(?). The name of the game means "Chatterbox".

It has some similarities with the old word game "Tabou" (from Hasbro), but you may use any associations.

A quick and good "party game" for people who likes word games! We had a lot of fun playing it.

The box is in a small handy format for the game shelf.


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