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Distributor: Hans im Glück
Category: Strategy game
Players: 3-5
Play time: 00:30
Ages: 8+
Content:   1  game board 
40  counters (8 in each colour, also called senators) 
62  bay-berry tiles (called bay leafs)
        ( I=18, II=8, II(C)=6, III=15, IV=9, V=6 )
  1  caesar counter (called Caesar) 
  1  rules booklet (Swedish, Norvegian, danish and Finnish)
Game target: Through negociations with the other players, will you collect the highest number of laurels and have at least one of your senators at the highest council, when it's filled up to 5.
Rules: Rules in Swedish 
Review in English   (from Game Cabinet) 
Strategy: -
Comments: Invented by Reiner Knizia 1991.

A game which I bought cheap at a soldout and it lay a long time in my shelf and collected dust, as most of my gaming friends dislike negociation games, But when it came out of the shelf, it showed up that everyone liked the game really much. The negociations did only happen if both players could see a clear gain and there were a lot of interesting combinations, as we more and more understood the possibilities in the game.

One thing which was unclear in the rules (it was only mentioned briefly in a image text), is that the one who let a player be released from a place, earns a bay-berry tile.


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