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Distributor: Casper
Category: Trivia/word game
Players: 3-6 (best with 4-6)
Play time: 01:30-02:00
Ages: 15+
Content: 1  game board 
1  bow with 504 cards with 5 different unusual word on each. 
1  dice (to chose a word on the cards, 6=you may choose yourself) 
6  counters 
1  pad with note sheets 
1  rules leaflet
Game target: Write down funny,quick-witted and convincing explanations to the weird and unusual words. If you can convince the other that it's your explanation which is right, you may advance at the game board.
Rules: Rules in English
Rules in Swedish
Strategy: Vary the style on your explanations, otherwise the other will soon learn how your descriptions looks like. As a friend of mine who too often associate the words with something about boats....
Comments: Original by Stefan Thulin and Håkan Ackegård 1989. 
Swedish game of the year 1990.
You really don't care who wins in this game. The only thing you remember afterwards are the funniest and most crazy explanations. Often frantically funny. Stretch generously on the rules!


Klicka för svenska


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