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Distributor: Garfield Games (Wizard of the Coast)
Amigo Spiele has published a German version with an expansion Crash 'n' Burn.
Category: Strategy game
Players: 2-8 (best with 5-6)
Play time: 1:00+
Ages: 15+
Content:   1  Operating Manual (rules)
  2  Factory Floor Guides (Quick-references)
  6  Different game boards to combine
84  Program cards (42 movement + 42 rotate) 
26  Option cards (extra equipment for the robots)
  8  Zinc robot miniatures (for "real robots")
  8  Two-dimensional  robot counters (for "virtual" robots)
  6  Flag counters
32  Robot life tokens
61  Damage chits
Game target: To touch, in order, all the flags which are placed on the factory floor (the game board). Try to push and shoot the other players, as well as plan the shortest route to the next flag.
Rules: Rules in English

Rules in Swedish (Amigo version with Crash 'n' Burn expansion translated by my friend Mikael Svensson)
Rules in Swedish (The same rules in Word with images)

Strategy: -
Comments: Year of publication is 1994. ORIGINS award winner for 1994 as "Best Fantasy/Science Fiction Board Game" plus "Best Graphic Presentation of a Board Game". Also it was one of GAMES magazine's "Top 100 games for 1995".

Designed by Richard Garfield.

Although the rules are relatively simple, the game was quite confusing in the beginning, as you had to plan ahead 5 moves and also take into account that someone nearby may push you around in a way that you haven't anticipated. But the more you played it, the funnier it becomes. With more players the laughing factor becomes really high. As you do a lot of the planning and moves simultaneoulsy, you seldom have to wait a lot during the game.

The fact that the game still (1999) is sold in a store in Sweden, although it's a foreign game, says a lot of it's playability and good rumour. Nowadays (2002) you may only find the German version. Unfortunately the German version is less good. You only have stuff for 4 player in the basic version and get 8 player version with the expansion Crash 'n' Burn, which also includes the option cards and a new board with new traps.

There are also two new rules in the expansion, which make the games worse. You have to shutdown your robot as soon as you have 3 or more damage points (expansion variant) and that you must start your robot by going forward or backward. Avoid these rules (except maybe for total beginners), as these destroy some of the strategy of the game.


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