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Distributor: Prince August Games
Category: Strategy game
Players: 2-6 (best with 3-4)
Play time: 01:00+
Ages: 12+
Content:     1  rules booklet 
    1  scenario booklet 
    1  game board 
160  playing cards 
  25  plastic feet 
120  counters 
    1  dice
Game target: Each scenario has it's own prerequisites and targets. Sometimes are the targets different for the players in the same scenario.
Rules: Rules in Swedish
Scenarios in Swedish
Strategy: -
Comments: Year of publication is 1991. Originally it is from Laurin Company and designed by Julian Musgrave.

A bit messy to put up the scenarios. Needs a crib to faciliate this. Also to locate the different villages. Some scenarios feels a bit unbalanced. Quite messy with all the small counters. You have to keep them in plastic bags between the plays.

The German name of the game is "Robin Hood".


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