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Distributor: GMT Games
Category: Strategy game
Players: 2-5 (troligen bäst med 4-5 spelare)
Play time: 60 minuter
Ages: 12+

    1 Map of the western USA
  94 Cards: 
66 CITY cards
3 BOOMTOWN cards 
4 SHORT LINE cards 
            4 DOUBLE TURN cards 
1 FOUR IN ONE card 
15 BRANCH LINE cards 

+6 blank cards 

10 Boomtown Markers  
160 Pieces of Track 
60 Plastic Chips (21xCopper is $l, 20xSilver $5, 20xGold $10) 
1 First Player Train 
1 Rulebook  

Game target: Each player attempts to win the game by having the most points at the end. Each $1 held at the end is worth a point. Each played CITY card is worth its value multiplied by the number of different Major Railroads and Short Lines connected to it.
Rules: Rules in English
Strategy: -
Comments: My edition is from 2002. The designer is Alan R Moon.

Game phases:
1) Draw cards (Refill your hand up to four cards)
2) Play cards (All players select a secret card from their hand)
3) Reveal cards (at the same time)
4) First track-laying turn (each player from the starting player lays down a track)
5) Second track-laying turn (...and again)
6) Pass the train (change start player)

I really like this game. Although simple rules it's quite deep with many choices.



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