Klicka för svenska      Linie 1 / Streetcar

Distributor: Olsen
Category: Strategy game
Players: 2-6 (best with 3-5)
Play time: 00:45+
Ages: 8+
Content:     1  game board 
126  rail cards 
  12  tram-stop signs with plastic holders 
    6  trams (wooden counters) + sticker labels to them 
  12  journey cards (6 for 2-3 players and 6 for 4-6 players) 
    6  route cards 
    1  die with the 6 exchanged for a tram-stop sign 
Game target: Build a good (=short as possible) tram rail between the two terminus at your journey card, passing 2 or 3 tram-stops, which also are specified on the card. When the rail is finished, you'll take your tram and with help of the dice, try to drive it between the terminus. The winner is the one who first has done this trip.
Rules: In English   (from Game Cabinet
In English   (from Mayfair games)
In Swedish
Strategy: Try to build the line in such a way, that it takes time for your opponents to guess your terminal stations.
Comments: Invented by Stefan Dorra 1996. 
A really great game, which is good with as few as 3 players (haven't yet tried with 2). 
Actually it use to be a quite close race at the end, so the dice determine surprisingly much the finish. Although it's a really worthy and funny game.


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