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Distributor: Alea
Category: Card game
Players: 2-4
Play time: 45-60 minutes
Ages: 10+
Content: -
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Rules: Rules in English  
Rules in Swedish 
Strategy: -
Comments: My edition is from 2003. The designer is Andreas Seyfarth.


Extract from Belgoludique report 2004 Next game was a tournament with San Juan, which I was so curious about, that I had translated the rules a week before, so I felt really surprised that Philippe actually had printed this translation from BoardGameGeek to use! The game was as good as expected. As any card game there is a luck of draw, but the theme and double function of the cards as both buildings and money worked well. It was easy to see that there are different paths of strategy to explore, whenever I get the hand of a copy. Unfortunately I made a bad draw already in the first choice of cards (we used the advanced rules immediately, where first player got 5 cards, second 6 etc and all discarded down to 4 cards before starting to play). I choose 4 expensive buildings I wanted and forgot that I in this way couldn’t pay for the building when the first builder role was chosen. I had difficult to catch up from this and finally Vincianne won. At another table did Mikael succeed to win and continue to the final. No doubt it’s rated 8 of 10, which is high for a card game.
Extract from Belgoludique report 2005-02-05 I started the day by playing the fastest game of San Juan ever with Michael and Phal. The game was finished after just 20-25 minutes, which shows that with experienced players, this is quite a short game. Phal won with 34 against 29 for the 2 other of us, so it was quite tight. I didn’t build the best buildings, but most and I realised that I had to finish it quickly, otherwise the loss would have been bigger. Rate 8 of 10.
Extract from Varberg convention report 2005-02-20 Magnus J, Fréderic and myself started this day with a game of San Juan, which still is one of my favourite card games. Fréderic won with 39 VP, with myself as a close runner-up on 38 VP, partly because Fréderick built 12 buildings and I had 11 and both of us had at least one bonus building. Magnus hadn't build that much and finished on 29 VP. It still has the rating 8 of 10.



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