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Distributor: Midgaard Games / Fantasy Flight Games
Category: Card game
Players: 2 players
Play time: 20-40 minutes
Ages: 12+
Content:   1 Board: This is placed between the players.
20 Scarab Counters.
  6 Pyramids.
84 Cards. Two 30-card game decks and one 24-card bonus deck for the advanced game.
Game target: Each player takes on the role of a noble house trying to control the realm. The land of Hekumet is divided into two regions (upper and lower Hekumet), and each region is divided into three areas of conflict called columns (military, religious, and economic). To win the game, you must have supremacy in two of the three columns in both regions at the beginning of your turn. You also win the game if your opponent runs out of cards in his or her deck.
Rules: Rules in English
Rules in Swedish
Strategy: -
Comments: My edition is from 2003. The designer is Reiner Knizia.

Your turn is divided into four phases, taken in the following order:
Phase 0: You may take any number of “phase 0” actions
Phase 1: You may take one “phase 1” action
Phase 2: You may take one “phase 2” action
Supremacy: Determine, then exercise your supremacy.
During your turn, you must play or discard at least one card from your. hand. You may choose to “pass” (not take any actions) during any phase except the supremacy phase. When you have completed your turn, your opponent begins his or her turn.

An interesting and tricky game, where the players have two different decks, which are quite well-balanced, although one is more defensive and the other a bit more offensive. In the advanced version, you play best of three rounds and the loser of the first round chooses to change up to five of his cards with the bonus deck, and then the winner does the same. This emphasize the worst problem with the game, that you should know your deck pretty well. The game still is quite easy to startup the first time.

One of the most common newbie problems is that the win control is determined at the and of the player's phase, instead of in the beginning of the phase.

Extract from Belgoludique report 2004 Frederic and I ended the evening with a couple of games of Scarab Lords. A small Reiner Knizia game from FFG. I like this little 2-player game, although I still haven’t played it with the advanced rules. The first one was an easy win for me, but after a really tough second game, Frederic succeeded to win it.



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