Klicka för svenska       the Settlers of Catan

Distributor: Dan-spil
Category: Strategy game
Players: 3-4 (Absolutely best with 4. There are a lot who claims that the game is destroyed by only 3 players...)
Play time: 01:15
Ages: 10+
Content: 37  hex fields (=game board) (4 forest, 4 meadows, 4 fields, 3 clay soil, 3 rocks, 9 sea with a harbour, 9 sea without a harbour, 1 desert.) 
95  raw material cards (19 each of wood, wool, grain, clay and ore) 
25  development cards (14 knights, 6 advances, 5 points cards) 
  4  cards "crib with building costs" 
  2  special cards ("longest trading road" and "largest knight force") 
18  number tiles 
  2  dices 
counters in 4 colours (16 cities (=churches), 20 houses and 60 roads (=staffs))
Game target: To be the first to get 10 Victory points, by:  house=1p, city=2p, point card=1p, special card=2p
Rules: Rules in Swedish 
Rules in English   (from Game Cabinet
Alternative rules for 2 players in English
Strategy: FAQ in English     (from Die Siedler/Settler of Catan Page)
A diverse collection of strategies collected from news groups
Comments: The game of the year in Germany 1996. Invented by Klaus Teuber. 
Also the game of the year in the Netherlands 1999.
It's a great game,although it's required that you play it a few times. 
The rules are exceptionally well written, with a particular reference booklet for all expressions. 

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Klicka för svenska


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