Klicka för svenska      Settlers of Catan card game

Distributor: Mayfair Games Inc.
Category: Card game
Players: 2
Play time: 01:30
Ages: 10+  (You need quite good knowledge of English and at least one with really good English to interpret the rules)
Content: 120 Cards
    1 Porduction die (normal D6)
    1 Event die
    1 Wooden Knight token
    1 Wooden Windmill token
    1 Rules leaflet with a card almanac
Game target: To receive 12 Victory Points (VP), through building settlements, cities and some builings)
Rules: Rules in English  (from Game Cabinet )
Strategy: To fins a balance by building settlements and develop them to cities. New settlements are needed to get more resources, but the cities are needed to build some of the different builings. Sometimes you need to sacrifice resources just to get specific cards in the card piles, from which you fill up your hand. It's definitively an advantage to build an "Abbey" early, so you can have extra cards on the hand.
Comments: One of the better card games. Though a lot of luck, which cards and resources you get. The luck with the cards can be balanced by sacrificing 2 resources to look through 1 of the 5 piles of cards (without changing the order of the cards) and take whichever you want, This make a good memory a great advantage in the game.
Published 1998 by Klaus Teuber.


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