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Distributor: Mayfair Games
Category: Strategy game
Players: 3-4
Play time: 90-120 minutes
Ages: 10+
Content:   1 Game board
  4 Overview cards
10 Desert tiles
18 Exploration counters (with 4 different Roman numbers, for different parts of the map)
32 Tribe tokens (8 for each continent, only 5 of each are used for a 3-player game)
  2 Enemy figures (Neanderthal and Sabertooth Tiger)
80 Resource cards (20 of each: Meat, Hides, Bones and Flint)
10 Victory point cards
  2 Figure stands (for the enemy figures)
20 Camps (5 in each colour)
16 Progress markers (4 in each colour)
  8 Explorers (2 in each colour)
  2 Dice
  1 rulebook
Game target: The first player to reach 10 victory points wins. Total points are 1 point per people chit (earned from creating new tribes) and the value of cards.
Rules: Rules in English
Strategy: -
Comments: My edition is from 2002. The designer is Klaus Teuber.

The German original name is 'Abenteur der Menchheit'.

Played in three phases:
1) Roll for resource production
2) Trade
3) Advance progress markers and move explorers

When I saw this in Essen 2002, it seemed just like another Settlers variant, and friends said it took at least 3 hours to play, so I passed on it. Luckily I found a tutorial in both English and German at www.ProfEasy.de and I found it really fascinating and after I had found an English copy, this has actually been one of the most played games furing the last half year.

The thing which makes this version unique is that it is more dynamic. Instead of road, you create explorers beside a camp, which are moved. This makes the game more open, as you may pass over other players camps and explorers. The only limit is that you have enough movement points for each meat you pay. One of the possible progresses is to get more movement points, which are quite crucial in the game to move on. When you reach a good camp spot, you may convert the explorer and the new camp will act as the village in Settlers. The marker on the available camp spots are taken as victory points. When you have run out of camps, you may move one on the board, probably one in Africa, as the exploration tiles might have made someone to put on a desert tile in Africa (they work as a permanent resource hinder on a hex). This movement of the camps makes the game feel quite more different. To take any exploration counter, you need to fulfil the requirements on the "cloth" and "shelter" progresses, otherwise you can't pass the tile and take it with one of your explorer.

The one weakness in the game is that there is much less trading, as you more or less need the same type of resources in the same phase of the game. In the beginning you lack meat and somewhat the flint and later on it is bone. Still this is a really good and interesting game. A strength compared to standard Settlers is that it's better scaled for 3 players, with fewer spots to place camps.



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