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Distributor: Flying Turtle Games
Category: Adventure game
Players: 2-6 (best with 4-5)
Play time: 01:00
Ages: 10+
Content:   1  game board 
  4  monster counters (red)   (which aren't marked as mentioned in the rules) 
  4  pirate counters    (blue)  (which aren't marked as mentioned in the rules) 
  5  ships in different colours (each players counter)
  1  6-sided dice
90  cards  (60 green for the outward voyage and 30 yellow for the homeward voyage) 
- Currency (bills in the values of 1000M, 5000M, 10000M, 50000M and 250000M) 
- Chests containing valuable merchandise (1 large=5 small) (grey=amber, transparent=diamonds, blue=perls and weakly yellow=ivory)
Game target: To collect a fortune of a miljon Mischals and get back to Basra, by fighting monsters or trading in different cities.
Rules: Rules in English      (from Game Cabinet
Rules in Swedish
Review in English   (from Steffan O'Sullivan's Home Page)
Strategy: In the beginning you have to take a chance of the money on the large islands, as you can afford to restart without to high loss. The longer into the game, the more you have to play securely.
Comments: It's only tested on my own, but it's seems to be a fun game.
Invented 1990 by E. Duchatel, J.P.Postel and J.H.Vanaise. 
Distinct signification of the cards, although texts are missing on them.
With younger children, you may change the rules, so that you don't lose money in the bank of Basra, if



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