Klicka för svenska      Star Wars CCG (Introductory two-player game)

Distributor: Decipher Inc / Parker Brothers
Category: Card game
Players: 2
Play time: 00:30+
Ages: 9+  (probably needs to be elder)
Content: 60 Imperial playing cards
60 Rebel playing cards
Introductory Two-Player Game Rules Booklet
One 15-card expansion set
Game target: Be the first player to deplete your opponent's Life Force (when he has no cards left in his deck) and you win.
Rules: Rules in English
Strategy: -
Comments: I haven't played this game yet, although we started once. But as a Star Wars fan, I really like the theme.

Year of publication is 1995.

This is a Customizable Card Game, i e you can buy and trade cards to get a better playing deck in a similar way as Magic the Gathering. Totally this CCG contains 320 cards altogether.

The games contains two decks of 60 cards: a Light Side (Rebels) deck and a Dark Side (Imperial) deck and you play one side each. The rules seems to be less extensive than most CCG, but I would like to have a tutorial game, to grab the rules easier the first time.


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