Klicka för svenska      The Key of the City
            (Stadens Nyckel)

Distributor: Casper
Category: Strategy game
Players: 3-6 (4-5)
Play time: 02:00
Ages: 9+
Content:     1  game board
    1  extra game board with reputation scale and office squares.
    1  game turn counter
    1  move counter
    1  city centre
  11  districts
168  cards of which:
           56 money cards (100, 200, 300 and 400 daler)
           36 improvement cards
           41 event cards
           22 development cards (of which 5 "city grows")
             6 "withdrawal" cards
             6 family cards
             1 "key of the city" card, as the winner gets....
  42  family counters (7 for each family)
  18  seals (3 for each family)  ("Wädurhorn" is faulty printed as "Skutenhielm")
    1  six-sided dice
   45 plastic feet (including 1 extra)
Game target: To get the most reputation points (AP) when the move counter is on the last development card.
Rules: Rules in English        (från The Gaming Dumpster)
Review in English    (från Svellov's Braet & Board)
Strategy: Don't spend to many "money cards" on the district auction, so you will be in lack of money later on. The closer to the end, the more important becomes the "High Offices". Don't stare you blind on taking too many "money cards". There are, among other cards, those which give you advantages at auctions and challenges.
Comments: The game is quite OK, but sometimes the luck factor is too high. A bit difficult to get a grip of the strategy, but I think the game wins in the long term.... if I can persuade my friends to give it another chance....
Year of publication is 1998. Invented by Dan Glimne.

I've been in contact with Target Games to hear what they should do about the faulty print. They didn't even answer my email and on the phone didn't they show any interest in correcting the fault by sending new corrected "sigill", but pointed out that it didn't affect the game. Although this is true, I think that you could require more when you pay so much for a game!


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