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Distributor: Mayfair Games
Category: Strategy game
Players: 3-4
Play time: 2:00
Ages: 12+
Content:     1 Game board
    4 Mother ships
Expansion pieces for the mother ship:
        - 24 Cannons
        - 24 Boosters
        - 20 Freight rings
        - 40 Fame rings
100 Resource cards consisting of:
        - 20 Food cards
        - 20 Trade goods cards
        - 20 Fuel cards
        - 20 Carbon cards
        - 20 Ore cards
  32 Encounter cards
  20 Friendship cards
Game pieces in each of 4 colours:
        - 9 Colonies
        - 7 Trading outposts
        - 3 Spaceports rings
        - 3 Transporters
  38 Resource chips
    4 Friendship chips
    4 Game overview cards
    4 Victory point markers
    2 Dice
Game target: The first player to reach 15 Victory Points in his own turn, wins the game.Victory Points are gained for building colonies and spaceports, among other things.
Rules: Rules in English
Strategy: -
Comments: My edition is from 2001. The designer is Klaus Teuber. The German name of the game is "Die Sternenfahrer von Catan", which was published 1999 by Kosmos.

Your game turn:
1. Roll for resource production for all of the players.
2. Take a resource card from the reserve pile if you have less than 9 victory points.
3. Trade and build in whatever order you wish.
4. Determine your base speed (Roll your mother ship)
      - If you get a black ball (50%) you have an encounter
      - Then move all ships (ball result (3 if you had an encounter) + no of speed boosters)

This game seems to scale better for both 3 or 4 players, than it's predecessor Settlers of Catan. It's a bit more luck-driven, but the variation with the encounters makes it interesting, as well as the exploration to find a good place to build your colonies. But don't forget that trading outpost are also important in this game. If you have played Settlers of Catan, you quickly grasp the idea of the rules, although there are big differences.

The components are gorgeous, but a bit fragile. One of the motherships broke att the first game, although it could be glued without problems. Personally I think it hade been better with markers on a player mat to keep track ofthe number of cannons, boosters, freight rings and fame rings, but I has to admit it gives the theme a better atmosphere, although it also make the game very expensive.

Extract from Varberg convention report 2005-02-18 Another long-awaited game came onto a table: Starfarers of Catan, which I really enjoy thanks to the ambiance. I didn't even feel that it's slightly long, as the game develops quite well and changes, as you come farer away. I probably won, because I early utilised the traders, but I dislike the memory part, as you want to keep trace of which red-dotted tiles you discovers, but can't take care of for the moment. The resources are more abundant than in "standard Settlers", still we had quite a lot of trading in between us. The last turns, my opponents refused to trade with me, as I was quickly moving towards 15 VP. After myself came Elli on 11 VP, followed by both Bo and Mattias on 10 VP. Rate 7 of 10. The low rating mainly due to it's long gaming time plus it's randomness, still I'd like to have it more often on the table.



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