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Distributor: Thompson Industry
Category: Strategy game
Players: 2-4
Play time: 45 minutes
Ages: 8+

  4 Timeline Boards: One for each player color 
72 Time Wave tokens: Each is 2 Sided. One side labeled "Create", the other "Solve"
31 Fate Cards: Values ranging from 15 to -15, and one FATE card
64 Problem Cards: 2 each of 32 unique problems
88 Time Control tokens: 22 in each color, values from 1-21 consecutively and 1 FATE token
48 Time Agents tokens: 12 in each color. 2 Agents, 2 Scientists, 2 Brawlers, 6 Historians  

Game target: Too be the last player left in the game.
Rules: Rules in English
Strategy: -
Comments: My edition is from 2003. The designer is Anthony Thompson.

The time agent turn: Time Agents leave Today, and move into the past, crossing Time Zones, and Timelines. They duel each other, and attempt to create and destroy Time Waves. The Time Agent Turn is made up of the Launch Phase, the Alert Phase, and the Action Phase.  

The launch phase: Players may move any (or all) Alert Agents, one at a time, from Today to any other Time Zone on their own Timeline. The Launch Phase ends when no Alert Agents in any player's timeline can be legally launched from Today, or all players agree the phase is over.
The alert phase
: Each player flips over all the Busy Agents (both their own and their opponent's) in their Timeline Board from Busy to Alert. The Alert Phase ends when all Agents have been Alerted.
The action phase:
During this phase players may use their alert Agents to perform legal actions.

This game has already gotten so bad reputation among my gaming friends, without even being played, that I can't even get them to test the game once. Myself, has tried to read and understand the rules several times, but even with the 2nd edition of the rules, this is a very hard task. There are two major problem with the game: First it's an elimination game and secondly it's realtime play to counteract actions, which seldom is good except maybe in 2-player games. Unfortunately the designer can't have tested the rules outside his own test group.



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