Klicka för svenska      Traders of Genoa

Distributor: Rio Grande Games (American edition)
Ravensburger (German edition "Die Händler von Genoa")
Category: Strategy game 
Players: 2-5 (bäst med 4-5)
Play time: 1:00-2:00
Ages: 12+
Content:   1 game board
40 ware markers
60 game cards
      - 16 "large order"
      - 16 "small order"
      - 14 "message"
      - 14 "privilege" cards
80 bank notes (10x5, 30x10, 20x50 and 20x100 ducats)
35 owner markers (7 in each players colour)
28 special cards
      - 5 "any start space"
      - 5 "1 of any ware"
      - 5 "1 further action"
      - 5 "building action"
      - 7 "1:1 trade"
      - 1 "starting player"
  1 trader tower (=5 brown discs)
  1 round marker (brown)
  2 dice (octagonal - blue plus red)
Game target: The player move the trader tower through the city for 7-12 rounds in the game. In each building, players may take specific actions. The players fulfill orders, deliver messages and acquire buildings in the city. The player with most ducats is the winner.
Rules: Rules in English
Strategy: Many people complains that the negociations may drag on so the game becomes 3-4 hours long. Jay Tummelson from Rio Grande Games has commented this:

"The problem, I think, is that you view this game as a negotiation game. It is really a trading game. My games go quickly because as the tower player I expect (and get) 1 full action (mine) and 1/2 of all other actions (my opponents'). When I am not tower player, my goal is to get 1/2 of one action (thus, I give 1/2 to the tower player to get
1/2). I rarely get or pay cash (as the goal is to collect this to win); instead, I offer unwanted cards, markers, and wares in exchange for the things I need. Thus, there is little negotiation: I get offers that are acceptable or I look elsewhere - thus, speeding the game. I suggest you try less to get "great" deals and more to make fair trades and the game will move faster and give you a richer experience."

Comments: My edition is from 2001. The designer is Rüdiger Dorn.

When we followed the directions above, this game run very smoothly and the first game was played below 2 hours including explanation of rules. Although a lot of rules, they are pretty easy to explain to new gamers. Highly recommended!



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