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Distributor: Jumbo
Category: Money/points
Players: 2-6 (best with 3-5)
Play time: 0:30
Ages: 8+
Content:   1  rules booklet (Swedish, English, Danish, Spanish, Finnish) 
  1  game board 
  1  card box 
96  cards (16 cards to each of the 6 different layers) 
12  scarab cards 
  6  blockade cards
  1  spade (plastic pin with a sucker foot) 
50  silver coins
20  gold coins (1 gold coin = 5 silver coins)
Game target: Each player put, in order, one layer each in the card box, when the other don't look. When all cards are put in the box, then put the upper layer upon the other. Then try each player, with help of the "spade", to "dig out" so many cards with plus points as possible. Those plus points are worth money. The player who has collected the most money when the game ends, is the winner.
Rules: Rules in English
Rules in Swedish
Strategy: -
Comments: Year of publication is 1992.

Easy game, which is quite amusing together with children. The strategy depends altogether on your memory, so it doesn't really suits me.

The German name of the game is "Das Geheimnis der Pyramide".


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