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Distributor: Amigo Spiele
Category: Strategy game
Players: 2-6
Play time: 1:30
Ages: 12+
Content: 131 Locomotives (7 x grey, 8 x blue, 9 x brown, 10 x orange, 11 x white, 13 x violet, 14 x black, 17 x yellow, 19 x red, 23 x green)

  98 Share cards (6 x grey, 6 x blue, 7 x brown, 7 x orange, 8 x white, 9 x violet, 10 x black, 12 x yellow, 15 x red, 18 x green, 20 x Union Pacific)

    4 Dividend cards
    6 Summary cards
150 Bills (40 x $1.000.000, 50 x $5.000.000, 40 x $10.000.000)
  40 Track cards (4 x all types, 6x, 7x, 9x, 14x)

Game target: The game ends after the fourth dividend has been paid. The player with most cash is the winner.
Rules: Rules in English
Strategy: -
Comments: My edition is from 1999. The designer is Alan R Moon.

During each turn you may take one of two actions: Either he builds a track section, adding it to a company’s route (building track) and draws a share card or he plays one or more share cards from his hand (investing), placing them on the board.

Building track
1. Select a track card and discard it.
2. Select a company/train from the box and place a train on a corresponding track type.
3. Draw a share card and put in your hand.

1. Play one or more share cards face-up in front of you.
2. Discard a track card

Everytime a divedend card is drawn from the stack of shares, payment is done for your dividends. The game ends after the fourth dividend card is handled.

I have only made a test play with two players. It's promising, but two is too few.



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