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Distributor: Jeux Descartes / Eurogames
Category: Strategy game
Players: 2 - 6 (best with 4 according to the designer)
Play time: 2:00
Ages: 12+
Content:     1 Game Board (two sides)
  55 cards
       14 "summer event" cards (yellow back)
       14 "winter event" cards (blue back)
       27 "trick" cards (green back)
  45 pawns
          1 lone woman and 1 lone warrior
          7 wolfves (hords)
          6 wolfves (A, D, G, I, M, Q)
          6 saber-teeth tigers (B, E, H, L, N, R)
          7 bears (D, H, J, L, M, O, R)
          7 buffalos (B, C, F, J, K, O, P)
          5 wolly rhinoceros (C, F, G, I, P)
          5 mammoths (A, E, K, N, Q)
120 pawns for the players (20 per player)
          9 warriors
          6 women
          5 villages/caves
          9 "farming" markers
          6 "forest fire/flood/frozen river" markers
          6 "fire" markers (used only with the advanced rules)
  39 food counters (15 x "5", 9 x "2", 15 x "1")
    1 flint needle in cardboard
    2 dices
    1 booklet of rules
Game target: To be the first player to have four villages at the end of two consecutive turns. A player who has four villages at the end of a turn, after the survival step, should indicate it. If he still has four villages, even different one, at the end of the following turn, he wins the game. Or be the last to have pawns on the game board, the other players being eliminated.
Rules: Rules in English
Strategy: -
Comments: My edition is from 2001. The designer is Bruno Faidutti. The French version is called "La Vallée de la Mamouths". There is also a German version "Tal der Mamouth". The first edition of this game was published 1989 and only in French.

Each turn is composed of successive steps, always done in the same order. Some steps take place at each turn, others only at the end of a season or at the end of the year. The game begins at the first turn of summer. There are three summer turns followed by three turns of winter. There is no event step at the two first turns.
1. Event (except the two first turns of the game)
2. Arrival of new animals
3. Animals moves
4. Moves of player pawns and building of new villages/caves
5. Fights
6. Survival
7. Births (end of a season)
8. Seedtime (end of winter)
9. Trick cards (end of a season)

The game is very promising after the first play, although we missed the rule that you have have to kill warriors before women in a combat between tribes. This made the first game to drag out unnecceserily. The game is fun to play with a lot of laughs and the only major flaw is that the main victory condition is elimination.



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