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Distributor: Jeux Descartes / Eurogames
Category: Strategy game
Players: 3-6 (best with 4-5 players) Variants with 1 or 2 players.
Play time: 2:00
Ages: 14+
Content:     1 game board depicting Europe, divided into many provinces
150 wooden tokens in 6 colors, representing population
       6 large wooden tokens in 6 colors for marking the scores of each player
33 brown wooden tokens representing neutral civilizations or fortresses.
52 small counters used to indicate the provinces of a civilization in decline
52 civilization tiles (larger counters) which show the different abilities of a civilization
        1 cloth bag from which to draw civilization tiles at random
        6 game summary charts showing the various civilization abilities
   1 summary of the game rules with an example of play
   1 booklet of rules
Game target: The game ends when a player reaches the required number of victory points: 100 with 5-6 players, 120 with 4 players, and 150 with 3 players. For the first game you could lower the points, to have a shorter game.
Rules: Rules in English

Pasteup in English of the Civilization summary card (Word document)

Strategy: -
Comments: My German edition is from 1999. The designer is Philippe Keyaerts. There are editions in French, German and English. All editions have the same name.

Course of a Turn
An expansion turn consists of these phases:
1.       Collecting tokens or choosing a starting province.
2.        Expanding the empire, heeding the rule of cohesion.
3.        Reorganizing tokens and checking cohesion.
4.        Counting Victory Points.

A declining turn consists of these phases:
1.       Removing tokens from the player’s previous empire in decline (if there is one).
2.        Removing all but one token per province in the newly declining empire.
3.        Placing a ‘declining’ counter in each province.
4.        Returning the two civilization tiles back into the bag (with a few exceptions).
5.        Counting Victory Points.
6.        Choosing a new civilization.

Every player uses 2 civilization tiles at any time during the game. The different attributes of these makes the game vary a lot in its simplicity. A favourite, which isn't played enough. It has a feeling of the game Risk, but with more variety and simpler and more interesting combats. But no dice are used, as it's enough to be overwhelming against the adjacent provinces, which is more logic.



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