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Distributor: Fantasy Flight Games
Category: Strategy game
Players: 2
Play time: 0:30-0:45
Ages: 12+
Content: DEMO game, which I got at the game fair in Essen 2001.

Player One (hex tiles)
4 Lake of Fire
4 Daemon Horde
2 Klatu Crawlers
2 Frenzy

Player Two (hex tiles)
4 Academy of the Arcane
4 Iron Enforcers
2 Iron Guard
2 Banish

  6 Essence counters (each player needs 3)
12 Wound counters
14 Energy counters
  1 Vortex tile

Game target: Using your minions and strongholds, you are trying to dominate the central Vortex, forcing your opponent to "bum" off points of Essence. Both players begin play with three points of Essence. When your opponent has no more Essence, you win the game.

You can also win the game by surrounding the Vortex. If, at any time, you have tiles adjacent to every side of the Vortex, you immediately win the game.

Rules: Rules in English (to the demo game)
Strategy: -
Comments: My demo edition is from 2001.

I haven't played this game yet.


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