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Distributor: Gold Sieber Spiele
Category: Strategy game
Players: 3-5 (4-5)
Play time: 1:00-1:30
Ages: 12+
Content:     1 Board
    5 Score markers in the player colours
    4 large figures:
          2 brown Ancestors and 2 beige Elder
    1 Boomerang (starting player symbol)
    1 yellow Scorpion (time marker)
225 Tjurungas in 5 colors
          Each player receives 18 Discs, 15 Cubes and 12 Cylinders
150 small Area cards divided into 10 sets of 15 cards:
          3 Disc, 2 Cube, 1 Cylinder, 1 Triple, 2 Scorpion,
          1 Card, 1 Ancestor, 2 Elder, 1 Ancestor/Elder.
  43 big Rite cards of 5 types:
        14 Disc, 12 Cube, 10 Cylinder, 5 Double, 2 Scorpion.
    1 Bag
    1 Set of Rules
    1 Easy play Reference sheet
Game target: Scoring points by having most tokens of the indicated type during a ceremony. You then receives the number of points indicated by the scorpion token. When then scorpion token has reached the last square the game ends and a final scoring takes place depending on who has collected the most cards of each type (cube, cylinder and disc).
Rules: Rules in English
Strategy: -
Comments: My edition is from 2000. The designers are Alan R Moon and Richard Borg.

The components are well done and the game keeps well to the Australian aborigin theme, which appeals a lot to me (as an Australia fan). The game is a bit too much luck driven, although the advanced rules makes this a bit better. Still it's a good game.

- The player with the boomerang starts the round. He turns the top cards of all of the area card piles which don't have a face up card. He gets a penalty for each scorpion card. Then in turn each player pick a face up card from one of the piles and performs the actions indicated by the card.
- If it's a disc, cube or cylinder card you play a corresponding Tjurunga token in the same area and then another 2 wherever you want alternatively take one ritual card and place another 1 token or just draw two ritual cards.
- If you take an Ancestor card, you take the first player boomerang and then perform a ceremony on an adjacent square to the current one where the Ancestor figure is situated.
- If you take an Elder you also start a ceremony with a similar procedure.
- If you take a card card, then you may draw 4 rite cards.
- A ceremony is done through playing a rite card or withdraw until none more plays a card. The cards are used to either remove another players tokens or move your own on the board. Scoring is done after each ceremony, though points for majority of each token type in the ceremony area.
- Every time a scorpion card is drawn, either from the ritual deck or from the card piles at the board (only the first player), the scorpion advances and the drawing player moves back on the scoring line.

Extract from Essen report 2000-10-26 The next game we tried with the Dutch couple and a friend of them, who joined us, was “Wongar”. The theme was about Australian Aborigine ceremonies. It was great and although a bit messy in the beginning and a bit luck-based, it was appreciated. (Actually the game has advanced rules, which eliminate some of the luck.). After heard that I could find English rules on the net, I bought it for 55 DM.



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