Atmosfear: the Harbinger

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Game by Matel

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"Welcome to my web of deceit, maggot. It is a site for sore eyes - even worse than the site of you. I have seen lepers look better, maggot. You don't mind if I call you maggot, do you? Not that I'd mind if you did. All you have to do is mind your manners - I always seem to forget mine."

"The only thing I mind is The Other Side. It is a dreadful place! It is my kind of place - a place lost somewhere between nowhere and forever - where the only thing to fear is fear itself."

"A land of limbo you can only ever visit in your worst nightmares - and I am here to help you have one."

"And I? I am THE GATEKEEPER. I am the voices in your head and the shadows in the dark. I am the Judge and Jury. The beginning, the middle and the end of this life and the one before the next. I am The Gatekeeper. Sincerely."

"Not that sincerity was ever one of my qualities. I despise it as much as stories with happy endings."

"So let us dispense with that tired 'Once upon a time...' in favor of a bigger entrance like SHUT UP and listen up."

Mattel Presents The Video Board Game ATMOSFEARTM

The Sound. The Nightmare. The Game!

ATMOSFEARTM is a mix of sight, skill, strategy, sound and suspense. A fractured race of frightening fun against time and a host you're going to love to hate!

He's The GATEKEEPER, and he'll stop at nothing to stop you in your quest to "become" one of The Harbingers. The six myths of horror who rule over the six Provinces in a place called The Other Side.

Featuring a revolutionary six-piece, double-sided hexagonal game board that offers more than 5,760 combinations of playing track, ATMOSFEARTM uses a 60-minute VHS video tape as a timer and a means to deliver multiple choice instructions from its host The Gatekeeper. When the tape is over, the game is over.

To win, you must collect six Keystones within the hour and then race to the center of the board to face your greatest fear, then press STOP on your VCR, stopping the clock and beating The Gatekeeper.

"Fat chance! The only thing I ever lose is my temper!"

Countess Elizabeth Bathory, The Vampire awaits you at Castle Cathtice with info on the Harbingers.

Hellin, The Poltergeist and her friends are touring the country. Learn more at her Enchanted Fairground

Baron Samedi is eager to share information about ATMOSFEARTM with you at his Cathedral of Jive

Khufu is willing to share of his power and wealth. Learn more at Hollywood on the Nile

ATMOSFEAR TM is also available as a CD-ROM Game for both IBM-PC and Macintosh from Epic Spice. Click Here to learn more.

This site, all copy, art, characters and likenesses herein 1995 A Couple 'A Cowboys Pty., Ltd. ATMOSFEARTM is a trademark of A Couple 'A Cowboys Pty., Ltd. and distributed internationally under license by Roadshow Video Publishing Pty., Ltd. Art Credits

Richard McKenna - Airbrush Illustrator Daniel Burns - Freelance Illustrator

It takes one to know one, and the Soul Rangers recognize their "own" by being able to withstand each other's putrid stench as they scavenge for waste in the black bilges that are the sewers ten hundred miles beneath The Other Side.

The Soul Rangers are the dregs of the "dead stock," exiled to these cess pits for all eternity for unspeakable crimes.

They say "you are what you eat" and these sewer rats are more foul than the foods they forage for.

Dumb-struck, they talk in some strange "morse" made by the incessant chattering of chipped and stained teeth that sprout from scum-ridden gums that miraculously still cling like fungi to their jawbones.

BUT Rangers pride themselves on their teeth, and will floss after every feed - using strands of their own hair, which is often as long as they are tall.

The average height of a Soul Ranger is 8' but some have been known to grow up to 12' despite the fact that they are all chain smokers and live on rubbish.

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Hellin was an infant trouble-maker who once threw a temper tantrum so violent, it caused an aneurysm in her brain and she died. But now baby Hellin never has to pick up her toys again and it's never bedtime in her wretched fairground where the ride of your life will cost you it.

Haunting a rancid toy box, the problem child from The Other Side is as spoiled as she is rotten. Enough to wipe the smile off a laughing clown, Hellin doesn't throw tantrums - she throws anything and everything she can get her sticky little fingers on.

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