Batalj (Svea Rike expansion)

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The first Svea Rike-expansion pack is finally here and it changes the game in three ways: before the game begins is a player appointed Archbishop, but new Regent- and Eventcards elects new churchleaders several times during the game. The advantage of being Archbishop is that every other player has to pay you 1 Gold every turn; the disadvantage (there had to be one!) is the two new Assassination-Eventcards. Not bad in itself but the player also loses 1 AP (vitory point).

There is also a new activity: If the Regentcard allows it the players can drop farming etc, for a round and take on a small Plundering-trip through Germany: 14 out of 20 tokens are placed on map where the players moves around throwing dice in the hope of finding Gold and AP's. Some unlucky soul may meet the Emperial troops who tries to keep Germany from being totally wasted by the ravaging swedes.

The final part is the biggest: The other side of the mapboard shows a Battlefield divided into 8 boxes. The frontline consists of opposite sites with flanks behind which is a large area for the Reserves. The old Regiment-cards are placed on the Battlefield with the stated amount of Soldiers on top (in the form of cardboard-counters). Officers and Canons (from Historycards) are also placed on the map. The battle develops more or less after the original principles but now a hit doesn't (necessarily) destroy a whole Regiment in one blow.
All in all a mixed bundle: The Battlefield may be more hassle than it's worth in a game which basicly is fast played; the Archbishop is fun - if you don't get appointed. In any case you need to earn 20 Gold before an Assassination is recovered, which with 5 players will take the Bishop 4 turns, not very likely. But the Plundering sounds like good fun. It's voluntarily and at worst you'll only lose a turn.

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