Carcassonne 6-player expansion: Rules

Translation by Rob Reinhardt


18 Landscape Cards
  8 followers for a 6th player
  6 point cards 50/100
  6 large followers

The publishing house and the author of Carcassonne would like to thank you for the innumerable entries of reply cards. With your suggestions you - the players and fans of Carcassonne – sent us numerous suggestions and tips and contributed to the creation of  this extension

The extension can only be utilized in conjunction with Carcassonne and can be integrated in whole or in part depending on your personal preference.  All rules of Carcassonne remain the same!  In the following section the individual additions are described :

18 New Landscape Cards

As with the original Carcassonne tiles, they must be places such that meadow adjoins meadow, road aligns with road and so on.  Among them there are cards with new buildings, which are described below:

(Image 1) – Blue scores 6 points.
(Image 2) – Blue scores 6 points.
(Image 3) – Because the road isn’t completed, Blue scores 0 points. 

Pub at the lake (6 cards)
If one or more pub cards are situated along a finished road, then the Thief receives 2 points per road segment (tile). If such a road is not completed however,  then the Thief receives no points! 

Cathedral (2 cards)
If one or more cathedrals are situated in a finished city, then the knight receives 3 points per tile and coat of arms.  If the city is not finished, by the end of play however, then there are no points awarded for the entire city!   

(Image 1) – Blue scores 24 points.
(Image 2) – Because the city isn’t completed, blue scores 0 points. 

Further new landscape cards: (referring to images left to right)
(Image 1) - This card has 4 separate city sections.
(Image 2) - The monastery separates the road into 2 separate roads.
(Image 3) - The crossing separates the road into 2 separate roads. Here no follower may be set. (Note the two small road sections pointed out in the diagram).
(Image 4) - The pub is situated on the right road section.
(Image 5) - This meadow is ends here. (Note the location denoted by the arrow) 

Point cards (6 cards)
The point cards are used to simplify scoring.  A player who goes completely around the scoring track takes one of the point cards and places it face up in front of them visible to all players.  If a player rounds the track a second time, then he turns the point card over to the number 100.  On the rare occurence that a player rounds the track a third time, they take a second point card and place it with the number 50 face up in front of them.

Followers for 6 players

With the larger number of tiles from this extension, Carcassonne can be played easily with 6 players. 

6 Large Followers
Each player receives a large Follower to add to his 7 regular followers. This may be used like every other follower.  During a scoring  it counts as if the player had 2 normal followers in the appropriate area (road, city, farm).  After a scoring it returns like every other follower to the player and can again be used starting on the next turn.  If one sets the large follower as a farmer, then he remains on the tile until the end of the game, just as other farmers do.

(Image 1) = Only blue receives the 3 points for the road.


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