Rules:   The Raid of hägbar the Horrible

Follow Hägbar on a raid. Sail to the big cities of Europe and loot as much as possible. You may also steal from the otherVikings as well and shoot arrows on them. Home at the farm is it the wife who counts the loot.

A game for 2 - 6 players in the age of 8 to 99

  6 vikings
  6 ships
  2 rune staffs (dice)
39 loot
33 fate cards
  6 collection cards.

Thebest thing Hägbar knows, is to travel to foreign countries and loot whatever he can reach. The vikings sails from the harbours up in the Nordic countries and travelling across Europe to loot the rich cities. On the way they encounter dangerous adventures and the destiny of their Gods. Everything can happen. Hägbar and his companions don't even hesitate to take each others loot or even shoot arrows on each other. At home their wives had waited for a long time on their tired warriors and they are condescending about the loot. So therefor the vikings don't know until the pillaging celebration who has got the most valuable loot.

The Loot
The reputation of a viking depends on the worth of his loot. The more he can loot, the more is he growing in statue among the other vikings. But in the middle of the combat turmoil it can be hard to decide the value of the loot. So then the viking takes whatever he can put his hand on and then he secretely counts the value.

The way the loot is classified

  Type No of cards
Good loot
The value of the card is counted weapon


game meat






The value is decided by the wife at the pillaging celebration chemise


scent water




Bad loot
These loot don't count at all cuckoo-clock


old cheese


Dangerous loot
Infuriate the wife at home, so she needs to be bribed with a present. female slave


Treasure chests from Bysans
These are particular valuable and they can only be found on the way to Bysans. Treasure chests


Game preparations
Place the three bysantic treasure chests in the pit between Minsk and Venice.

Shuffle the rest of the loot and place them with the back up by the cities. Put as many loot in a city as the number of golden chests. The fate cards are carefully shuffled and put in a pile with the back up on the card field beside Zürich.

Each player choose one of the 6 coloured viking figures and a ship in the same colour. Place your viking in your ship.

Place the ships in one of the 3 Nordic harbours, from the travel always starts and the loot must always be brought back to one of these.

Each player takes a collection card in the same colour as his viking figure. the card shows if you are carrying the loot, if the loot is on the ship or if it's been brought back.

The game may begin.

On the pillage trip
Rune staffs (dice):
A viking always trust on luck. Before each stage of the trip, he throws both of the rune staffs up in the air, counts the value and moves the corresponding number of fields in optional direction.

The dots indicates the movements on land. The waves indicates the movements at the sea.

In this example, can you either move 7 fields on the sea or 3 fields on land.

If the rune staff shows a lightning, the viking must take a fate card, to see what the Gods has prepared for him.

When the ship sails into a harbour, you don't count superfluous waves. When a viking reaches a harbour with his ship, he jumps ashore, but he isn't allowed to continue by feet, until his next turn. The corresponding applies, when he is going to cast anchor.

If you are two who plays, it's only valid to be one in each harbour. Are you three or more, it's only valid to be two in each harbour. If a second or third ship is on it's way to a harbour, which is filled up, it must choose another way.

Harbours are safe places. Here is it strictly forbidden to attack other vikings.

You may choose any one of the three home harbours to unload the cargo. The start must be from the same harbour.

E viking who is on land may renounce to move ther and instead move his ship to another harbour. Each turn may only happen either by sea or by land. To be able to call at a home harbour, the viking must be aboard.

Strict looting rules
The cities are the most popular looting targets for the vikings. Here are lots of valuable treasures, if thecity hasn't been looted before, of course.

If a viking arrives to a city to loot, then he can ignore superfluous dots.

It's forbidden to attack other vikings in the city.

Are you two players, only one viking at a time may loot a city. Are you three or more plyers, only two vikings may loot the same city at the same time. A second or third viking must, if a city is "occupied", choose another way.

The viking, who reaches a city, may take the upper loot in the pile, look at it secretely and put it face down on the first field of hos collection card. Now it has to be carried down to the harbour and loaded onto the ship.

Bysantic treasure chests
These are the most valuable loot and can only be captured at the caravan camps on the way to Bysan. The place must be reached with exact number of dots. You must go there in the direction of the arrow.

The viking may only loot the caravan camp once. Additional treasure chests may be looted from other vikings or taken from other camps, if someone has lost a chest there.

Mixed misfortunes and the destiny of the Gods
If a ship arrives to a storm square, are the number of waves the rune staffs indicates doubled. If you come into a storm ALL waves must be counted, even if you have to pass the harbour which you wanted to anchor at. Example: You throw a 3 and arrrives to a storm square. You must then move another three squares immediately.

Is the ship loaded, you lose a part of your load. Then you have to leave an optional loot, which is taken from the game. This is also a good opportunity to get rid of bad or dangerous loot.

As always, the viking trust fate here. If he arrives at a such field, he must, with the help of the rune staffs, immediate decide which direction he will go.

Exemplel: The viking comes to the cross-road in the sea west of Paris. He decides for either Paris or Madrid and announces: "Paris - even", "adrid - odd". (If the harbour in Paris already is occupied by two ships, he may only choose north or south.

Then he throws the rune staffs and counts the waves (if he had been on land, then he had counted the dots). Then he moves in the fated direction, e g 2 waves in the direction to Paris or 3 waves in the direction to Madrid (in this case is the procedure repeated, as the ship again arrives to a cross-road).

Fate lightnings (fate cards)
On the way are a lot of perils, but peaceful Gods helps you sometimes. If you moves on land and get a lightning on the rune staff, then you must draw a card from the pile of fate cards and follow the wish of the fate. You may count dots on the other rune staff and move, if you are on land.

The meaning of the different fate cards:

Of course shoot you diligently at the vikings. The one who draws an arrow cad, may shoot one arrow at any one of the other vikings, independant if he is travelling on land or on sea. The arrow card are face up in front of the fired viking. The one who has got three arrows, must take the shortest way home to be treated by the miracle-worker Dr Zook. To loot or attack on the way home to Dr Zook is not allowed.
The one who returns home with one or two arrows, may be cured by his wife and gets rid of the arrows. After a successful trwatment are the arrow cards shuffled with the other fate cards again.

Loot at the roadside
If you get the fate cards with the dragon, then you must throw your loot at the roadside. A thrown loot can only be picked up by a viking, who directly reaches this square.

Loot transport
When the viking is loading the loot into the ship, the superfluous dots are not counted.

The collection cards, which is front of each player, indicates where the viking has his different loot.

Field 1: Hera are the objects, which a viking takes in a city or somewhere at the countrysiide. A viking is only capable of carrying one loot at the time to the ship. Not until he has loaded the loot on the ship, may he go to hunt for another loot. After an attack may the viking carry one extra loot.

Field 2: Here are the objects put, when thay are loaded on the shipor if they are conquered from other vikings at an attack on the sea. Each viking ship may only transport three loot. You have to take them to safely to one of the home harbours.

Field 3: Here are the loot stored, which the ship has transported undamaged to the home harbour. They remain there until the pillaging celebration.

If two vikings meets at land or at sea, may the one who moved to the meeting attack and take a loot from the other one. Has he several loot, shall the attacker take a loot card, without looking at the front side.

After an attack may the attacker carry one extra loot.

If the attacker carries a loot, he may load this to the other one! This is a unique occasion to get rid of a bad or dangerous loot.

It's forbidden to attack other vikings in the cities.

Dr. Zook has spoken
This card protects you against arrows. You may save it, until you have been shot by three arrows. Then you don't need to go home to be  treated. Then put the card in the bottom ofd the card pile.

Run for lie
The viking escapes frightened to his ship. If you carry a loot, you drop it directly at the place.

Oh, wise Oden
Oden helps the viking. He carries you and your loot directly to the ship or to the next city to loot.

Invite a viking
You may invite any of the other vikings to a party and he must move to your square.

You have lost your loot
If you loses a loot, you must go back to the last place you were situated at.

Change place
You must immediatley change place with the viking who is nearest you.

The bath day of the year
Vikings take a bath once a year. move directly to Rome.

Disputes among may rise among the vikings and are resolved according to an old reliable custom by throwing the rune staffs.

Pillaging celebration
When you have succedded to get home 7 loot, you may invite the other vikings on a pillaging celebration. The game is then interrupted and the presents are showed for the wifes, to decide the value of them.

Everyone must show the loot openly.

Only objects, which are at home or on the ships are counted. Objects, which are carried by someone aren't counted.

Female slaves must first be exchanged for the best loot, which won't be counted.
For loot at home is the written value counted + 1 extra point.
For loot at the ship is only the written value counted.

Presents may give sympathy points by the wife. For each present (chemise, jewelerry, scent water) throw the player a rune staff and adds the dots (0-2 points) to the value of the card.e

Summarise all the points and compare each others.

Who wins?
The viking who has collected the most points has also got the biggest loot on his pillage trip.

Alga, Brio AB, 1990
KFS distr. BULLS
Made under license from F.X.Schmid

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