The treasure of Inca:  rules

Game idea: Edith Grein Böttcher,  Grafic: Matthias Wittig

An adventure game for 2 – 6 participants. From 8 year.

Contents:  1 game board
                6 game pieces
                9 temples
                2 dices
            160 compass pieces (40 of each colour = direction)
              34 compass and inca cards
                6 saving cards
                1 treasure (a small ring)
              12 small temple cards (4 of them are spares)

Centuries has gone since the mighty Inca realm had their bloody fights in the  mountainous South America
Since then it's been calm, but the rumors remain about enourmous wealths are hidden there. No one knows where, but somewhere in the mountain in the jungle is the legendary inca treasue.

A lot of people set out for by foot to find the treasure and everyone wants to be the first to find it...

Shuffle the compass cards (which have a compass picture at the back) and place them at the corresponding place at the game board. Do the same with the inca cards (which have a relief figure at the back).

Put the small cards with inca and compass picture in 8 temples (the plastic boxes with cover). (4 of each).

Put the treasure in the 9th temple. Shuffle the temples well, so no one knows within which temple it's hidden. Places them randomly at the 9 temple fields at the game board (the fields with a picture of a temple).

Give every participant 5 compass pieces of each direction. NORTH (yellow), EAST (green), SOUTH (red) and WEST (blue).

The rest of the game pieces are splitted in four piles due to the direction/colour, as a supply beside the game board.

Give each of the participants a saving card.

Each player chose a game pice and put it on the field with the compass rose (starting field).

Game rules

When you move your game piece, you must exit the starting point from the yellow arrow (N). The target is the camp in the lower right end of the game board. This is the place where one of the players eventually will return with the treasure.

A turn

Agree in some way who will start. The player throws both dices and chose how many steps he want to move the gaming piece. Either he can move due to one of the dices or use both to make a longer movement.

Exemple: a player throws a 4 and a 6. He may chose to move 4, 6 or 10 steps.

You may chose to move the piece vertically or horisontally, but not diagonally.. You have to exit the starting point from the yellow arrow (N). The compass rose is the starting point for everyone.

It's not allowed to go back a square during a turn. Two game pieces are not allowed to be simultaneously at the same square.

When you move a game piece in a direction, then you put a corresponding compass piece in the supply. You are allowed to move in the same direction several times during a turn, but don't need to use more then one compass piece for that direction.
Event fields

The compass fields, the inca fields, the lakes and the temples are event fields. When you arrive to one of them, you must do the following:

Compass field: When you arrive to a compass field (a field with a compass rose) you'll take a compass card. Those cards do only contain positive instructions. When you have followed the instructions, then you put the card aside. Either you get one or more compass pieces for a certain direction or you may chose the directions by yourself.

Inca fields: When you arrive to an inca field (a field with a relief picture) you'll take an inca card. Those card may contain both positive and negative directions. When you have followed the instruction, you'll put the card aside. If you arrive at another compass or inca field after you have followed the instruction, then you do not take another card.

If a card pile is finished, then you shuffle all the used cards and put them again in a pile at the game board.

Lakes: are obstacles in the way (squares which mainly contains water). You are not allowed to go over them, if you don't use your "saving card". The card may only be used once. If you want to use the card, then you put your game piece at the other side of the lake and put the used card aside.

In 4 of the lakes are small islands. To here are the treasure hunters deported (more about that later).

Temples: When you arrive to a temple (one of the 9 squares which represents a templel) you open it and show the other players, what's hidden inside. In the temple it might be:
    - A compass –     then take a compass card.
    - An inca relief –  then take an inca card.

The temple remains opened and if someone arrives to an "opened" temple, then he also takes a compass or inca card.

A player finds the inca treasure!

IF a player finds the inca treasure in the temple, than he takes it and put it around the "throat" of his game piece. Now the other players have to take the treasure from him.

The treasure bearer will now carry the treasue to the camp, but the way is long and the treasure is heavy to carry, so now he may only use one of the dices for his movements.

Exemple: He throws a 3 and a 6. He counts that he will come to a compass field if he moves 3 steps, so he don't use the other dice.

As before he must put compass pieces in the supply for each direction he moves and also take a card when he arrives to a compass or inca field.

Deportation to an island

The other players (the hunters) are now eager to get to the treasure and hunt the treasure bearer. When a hunter arrives to the same square as the treasure bearer he may take the treasure and he becomes the new treasure bearer. As a reward he may throw the dice an extra turn and so quickly as possibly try to get to the camp. But first he deports the former treasure bearer to an optional island (a land in the middle of a lake - you may choose from 4) which the new bearer chooses and that player can't leave the island before the next turn in whichever direction he choses, without using a "saving card" to cross the lake.

If a hunter take the hunter takes the treasure on a compass or inca field, then he first deport the other player and then take a corresponding card and follow the directions.

The treasure bearer must have the opportunity to defend his treasure, so he may deport his hunters to an island the treasure hunter choses. This he might do if he may arrive to a square with a hunter (the hunters have mutual peace and may not deport each other).

End of the game

That player who succeds to carry the treasue and on an even dice throw enter the camp over the field with the arrow wins this adventurous treasure hunt.

Good to know

The compass rose and the card piles are obstacles, which you have to go around.

If a players copmass pieces would end, then he may stand by a throw and thereafter take 2 compass pieces from the supply and continue the play. You may not change your compass pieces against other directions from the supply. If a certain compass piece is temporarily finished, then you have to take another compass piece.

A possible own agreement of the rules (house rule)

You may volontary cede to the dice throw and take 2 optional compass pieces instead. Could be good if you have been caught in a corner and don't have a suitable compass piece.

Text on the inca cards

Your provision is finished. You must immediately go back to the camp to fetch som more. If you are carrying the treasure, then you must leave it at the place.
On the way through the difficult terrain, you loose 2 of your precious compass pieces. Put 3 optional compass pieces in the supply.
You have got a fever and must immediately go back to the camp for treatment. If you carry the treasure, bring it with you!
You happened to be locked into a temple. Take the chance to see if the treasure is there within. If not, then take a compass or inca card as usual.
The God von Cuszco let you look into 3 temples. The other players won't see what's hidden in them.
You are getting tired and need some rest. Stand by for a turn.
Today is your lucky day. In the middle of the forrest you find 8 compass pieces. Take them from the supply.
Your compass shows the wrong direction and you are lost. Put five compass pieces in the supply.
The doctor in your expedition is celebrating his birthday. So you are authorized to take one optional compass piece from each player.
You are followed by a native. Move 6 steps westwards. If necessary cross the lake without leaving your saving card.
Your expedition is in a great shape. When you use this card, you may move twice the steps as the dice(s) shows. Use the card at a proper moment.
A sun virgin lets you look into 3 temples. The other players won't see what's hidden in them.
You think the treasure is southwards. Move 3 steps westwards. If necessary cross the lake without leaving your saving card.
Someone has stolen from you. Every other player may take an optional compass piece from you.
The sun gods has chosen you to pick 7 optional compass pieces from the supply.
The owner of this card have the right to cross a lake. The card is used at an appropriate moment.
The chef of your expedition has got high fever and to reach him you must put 3 optional compass pieces in the supply.

Good luck!

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