Scotland Yard: rules

For 3-6 players from 8 years old.


Mr X tries to escape his followers and remain undiscovered until the detectives can't do any more movements.

The detectives tries to find Mr X by reaching the stop where Mr X is for the moment.




    1 game board
    6 game pieces
  18 start pieces
125 tickets (54 taxi, 43 bus, 23 underground and 5 black tickets)
    2 double move piece (2x)
    1 log book with paper as inlay
    1 "eye screen"


In the dark night of Londons tries Mr X to shake off his pursuers. Only the smartest detectives of Scotland Yard may reveal where Mr X is and then catch him.

The target of Mr X is to reman "invisible" until the end of the game. The detectives task is to find Mr X by moving to the different stops around the game board.

The players chooses who will be Mr X. The other players takes the role as detectives.

How is the game material distibuted?
Before the game you'll unfasten all of the game pieces from the punched cardboard. Sort them in the different compartments in the game box.

Mr X gets:
- The transparent game piece
- The log book (with paper where he notes his moves)
- A pen
- "The eye screen" (with this may his eyes wander around the game board totally undisturbed)
- 4 taxi tickets
- 3 bus tickets
- 3 underground tickets
- 2 double move pieces (2x)
- as many black tickets as there are detectives

Every detective gets:
- 1 game piece in colour
- 10 taxi tickets
- 8 bus tickets
- 4 underground tickets

Where will the game pieces be placed at the beginning of the game?
To decide the start "stop" of the players, will the start pieces be shuffled well and put the numbers faced down in a pile- Then all players draws a piece which tells the starting place. The rest of the start pieces are put aside.

NOTE! Mr X don't put out his game piece on the game board, but keeps his place secret.

A tip to all players:
The game is easy to learn if you follow and do the instructions from the beginning and then continue to read the game rules.


A complete game turn consist of that Mr X starts the game. Then follows the detective in order. Every player must stake a ticket and then put it aside. Mr X write his moves in his log book and the detectives moves their game pieces on the game board.

How do you move?
Every move is a trip with a taxi, a bus orthe underground along the respective line and goes only to the next stop with respective means of transport.

For this you have to pay with respective ticket. The routes for the different means of transports on the map has the same colour as the respective ticket. Every point is a stop for one or more means of transport, which may stop there.

(White = Taxi, Orange = Underground, Turquoise = Bus)

A stop with several colours is common for different means of transport. There may a plyer change means of transport in his next turn.

Mr X does the first move:
Mr X does his first three moves without showing them to the detectives. he writes the numbers of the stop stop in the first window in the log book. He then covers the note with the ticket he uses for the trip. The detectives may in this way only know which means of transports he has used, but not where he has gone.

At the first move:
Mr X chooses from his starting place to the next stop, which are connected to each other. The number of this stop he'll write in the first window in the log book, without showing it for the other players. Then he covers the window with a ticket. The colour of the ticket is identical to the coloured line which connects the stops. Next time it's his move he moves further on from the written stop to another choosen stop.

Which possibilities Mr X has to escape his pursuers are described under "Mr X special moves".

The detectives moves:
After Mr X are the detectives in turn to make their respective moves. They pay with a ticket and then places their game pieces on the next stop for the means of transport they have choosen. Mr X gets the used tickets.

NOTE! The detectives has a limitied number of tickets for each means of transport. When a detective has finished his supply of tickets for a certain means of transport, then he/she cannot travel with this any more. The tickets must lay open in front of the detectives, so Mr X always knows which means of transports they still can travel with.

Mr X reveals himself
Mr X reveals himself with certain intervals and always after move 3, 8, 13 and 18. The stops where he'll reveal himself are marked with larger windows in the log book.

Whem Mr X is going to show himself, he write his move in the log book as usual, put the ticket over the note and place then his game pice on the stop where he has moved to.

Now has the detectives a big the chance to catch him, but they have to act fast, because when Mr X has his next move, he disappears again and takes away the game piece from the game board.


Double move:
Mr X has the possibility to make double moves. In a double move he moves two stops and can use which combination of means of travel he wants. he notes both the stops in the log book (2 windows!) and cover the notes with two tickets. A "2x" piece is then put aside for the rest of the game. If the first stop in a double move happens to be one their he has to show himself, he'll do it and then disappears again in the second half of the move.

Black tickets:
Mr X can use black tickets instead of the other tickets whenever he wants. The black tickets are valid for all means of transport and it becomes really a black day for the detectives when such a ticket appears, as they don't know which means of transport Mr X has used. Also Mr X may go by boat on The Thames between the stops 108, 115, 157 and 194 (doesn't apply to the detectives).

The game is finished when a detective reaches a place where Mr X is for the moment. When this happens Mr X has to show himself and he has then lost and the detectives win. If Mr X reamins undiscovered until the 22nd move or the detectives can't move any more, then has Mr X won the game.


Are more than one game piece allowed to be at the same stop?
- There can never be two detectives at the same stop.

Is it allowed to go one way and then back again?
- It's allowed to go back the same distance in the next move. Naturally you still have to pay the respective ticket.

May the detectives talk to each other?
- Detectives may speak and coorporate with each other during the game to surround Mr X.

May the detectives change tickets with each other?
- Each detective must play the tickets they were assigned at the start of the game.

May the detective change the order of their move in the game?
- The detectives must always do their move in order, clockwise. In tricky situations this might be the rescue for Mr X.

Are the "revelation stops" dangerous for mr X?
- Mr X must take care here, so no detective can reach him when the next player makes his move. The detectives will try to get to a stop so that they can come as close as possible to Mr X, in their next move.

When sould the black tickets be used?
- The black tickets are particular useful directly after the "revelation stops". Particularly in those situations where the detectives are on their way to trap Mr X. Then the black tickets are often the most important help for Mr X.

What happens if a detective can't move any longer?
- The game continues and the other players may try to catch mr X.

If only two persons play against Mr X, each plays two detectives. The players receives two game pieces and the double number of tickets, but thay must be used separately by the game pieces the player has. It's important that the sequence of moves is maintained. Mr X receives in this version four black tickets.

Ravensburger game No 26 115 4.

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