Ticket to Ride - expansion "Mystery Train": Rules

MYSTERY TRAIN – a Ticket to Ride expansion

This booster introduces 6 new Character tickets (including a blank one) and 4 additional Destination tickets to enjoy with Ticket to Ride!

To use them: At game start, distribute three standard Destination tickets to each player as usual; then shuffle the new Characters and new Destination tickets into the Draw pile of Destination tickets, and start playing.

Station Agent
: Reveal this card at the end of the game. If you have visited the most cities, during the game, add 10 bonus points to your score. If you are tied for the most cities, you (and only you) still get the bonus points. A city is deemed visited if a train of your color sits on one of the tracks adjacent to it.

Inspector: Reveal this card at the end of the game. You may double the value of any one of your Destination tickets worth 10 Points or less.  

Tycoon: Reveal this child at the end of the game. If you have a West Coast City (Vancouver, . Seance, Portland, San Francisco or Los Angeles) connected to art East Coast City (Boston, New York, Washington, Charleston or Miami), add 1o bonus points to your score.

Engineer (x2): Play this card in lieu of your regular turn, when deciding to draw new Destination tickets. Instead of picking the top three, pick any one Destination ticket of your choice from the pile of remaining tickets.


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