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2006-09-30 Borås Tidning

A full page article in the local newspaper regarding my boardgame collection.

Gone Gaming: Board Game Internet Award nomination (2006-01)

My site was nominated in the category "Best Game Club Site 2005".
Even if this site isn't connected to a gaming club, I feel honoured of the nomination.

Gone Gaming is a site maintained by Yehuda Berlinger in Israel.




Mind Sports Organization (1999-10-07)

I'm very pleased to be able to tell you that your Hnefatafl site has been declared the MSO Worldwide site's fifth ever "Link of the Week". This means you enjoy a preferred link status for the next week on the very front page of our new site at http://www.msoworld.com/ which will, hopefully, send some well-deserved extra traffic your way. The reason your site was chosen was due to the number of modern board games covered by your site, many not discussed anywhere else on the web, and the level of detail that your coverage of each one is in. We particularly like the pictures of the various games that you feature, which do a good job at getting the games' flavours across, and think that your lists of rules would be very useful when deciding whether to buy a game or not. You also successfully use frames to make the site easier to navigate, which is something that very few frames-enabled sites actually achieve. We have a lot to learn from your site!

Congratulations again!

All best wishes,

  Internet World #98-10 (December-1998)

Translation of the text:

Hnefatafl is dedicated to all kind of society games, but unfortunately not any computer games. Among the content do you find descriptions and judgements of different childrens, knowledge, card and dice games, as well as roleplaying, strategy and adventure games. The jolly good old gallop game Jägersro gets its rebirth on this site.








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