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00-10-26 Lord of the Ring with David Farquhar

00-10-26 Ronald Hoekstra (Spielmagazijn) at the Kosmos counter

00-10-26 Live roleplaying stand

00-10-26 Morisi (Christina and me)

00-10-26 RoboRally live

00-10-27 Doge (with a German)

00-10-27 Wongar (with 3 Dutch people)

00-10-27 Lord of the Ring with Frederic and Solange

00-10-27 Resturant Istra - Scott, Frederic and other DIGers

00-10-27 At hotel Jung - Macao (new Bruno Faidutti prototype) with Scott, Frederic, Christina, Melissa and Will

00-10-27 Sumera (Scott Alden, Christina and me)

00-10-28 Torres played everywhere

00-10-28 Carcassonne (with a German)

00-10-29 Java (with Andy and Martin from England)

00-10-29 Eschnapur (with Andy, Martin and a friend of them)

00-10-29 Roleplaying characters got lost...

00-10-29 La Citta (with 3 Germans)


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