Gaming report

2005-02-04 Friday
Attika with Dom and Camille
Weykick (Xavier H, Julien
, Damien, Antonella)
Ticket to Ride with Jeff, myself and Alice
Ticket to Ride with Frederic, Jeff, myself, Alice and Karine
Attribute (Stephane, Thomas, Manuel, Chriswart, Thomas and Oriel)
Das Zepter von Zavandor (Alice, Nicolas, Boulou and Thomas)
Das Zepter von Zavandor (Nicolas, Patrick, Frederic T, ?)
(Julien, Oriel, Yann, Antonella, ?, Christophe)
Australia (Ann-Catrine, Camille, Fred D
, ? and ?)
St Petersburg (Dim, ?, Phal and Cecilia?)
Das Zepter von Zavandor (Philippe K
, Laurent, Karine, Benoit and Yves)
Das Zepter von Zavandor

2005-02-05 Saturday
San Juan with Michael and Phal

Attika with Michael and Phal
Attika (close-up after I had won)
Antiquity with Thomas, Nicolas and Boulou
Himalaya (Dom, ?, ? and Thierry)
Doom: the Boardgame
Queens Gambit (Benjamin, Xavier H, Benoit, Valerie-Anne
and Yann)
Queens Gambit  (Benjamin, Xavier H, Benoit,
Valerie-Anne and Yann)
Memoir '44 with Benjamin and spectator Alexis
Memoir '44
Himalaya (Jeff
, Karine and Ann-Caterine)
Goa with Alice, Patrick and Iris
Age of Renaissance (Thomas, ?, Philippe, Yves and Marc)
Im Schatten des Kaisers (?, ?, Damien and ?)
18EU with Frederic and Jeff
Roads and Boats
My dormitory

2005-02-06 Sunday
La Ferme du Chant d Oiseau

La Ferme du Chant d Oiseau
La Ferme du Chant d Oiseau
La Ferme du Chant d Oiseau
Alice, Brieuc Taton and his mother Solange
Age of Steam (Anne, Alice and Karine)
Die Brucken von Shangrila (Benjamin
, Julien and Antonella)
Philippe Keyaerts speaking
Cedrick showing quiz answers
Philippe Keyaerts behind prize table
La Ferme du Chant d Oiseau
Age of Steam (end of game)
Goa with Dim, Yves and Alice
Elfenland/Elfengold (Nicolas, Veronique, Benoit, Stephane and Michael)
Aladdins Dragon (Dim, Ann-Caterine, Stavros, Cecilia(?) and Yves)
Das Zepter von Zavandor (Dimitri, Ludovic and Nathalie)

2005-02-07 Monday
Puerto Rico (Benjamin, Alexis, Patrice and Jean)
Queens Gambit (Yann and Xavier H)
Skl (Benoit, Patrice and Alexis)
Skl (close-up)
Ys with Benoit, Dominique and Benjamin
War of the Ring
Evening with a gangster theme
Dinner with gangsters (Anne, ?, ? and Marc)
Dinner with Michel Frederic
Dinner with Cecilia, Dim and Ann-Catrine
Dinner with gangsters
Al Capone has arrived
Al Capone challenges
Boulou is threatened by Thomas
Bodyguard Stavros
Mr and Mrs Al Capone
Estate trading game (Laurent, Benjamin, ?, Patrick and Thomas)
Estate trading game (Ann-Catrine, Xavier H, Alice and Yann)
Myself as gangster
Myself, Ann-Catrine and Thomas
Cedrick as auctioneer
Bidding in the auction
Bidding in the auction (Benoit, ?, Marc)
Estate trading (Xavier H, Michel, Dominique, ? and Nathalie)
Thomas protecting his money (? and Benjamin in the background)
Mini gangster Alexis
Estate building  (?, ? and Stavros)
Reservoir Guns (Michel, Nicolas
, Yann, ?, Fabien, Nicolas)
Reservoir Guns (Dim, ?, Serge, Ann-Caterine, Veronique)
Funkenschlag (Damien, Michael and Yves)
Ra with Stavros, Fabien
, Yves and Dim
Amun-Re (Anne, Veronique, Stephane, Oriel and Serge)

2005-02-08 Tuesday
6 Nimmt! (Xavier G, Thierry, Michel, Damien and Boulou)
Goa with Thierry, Damien and Camille
Das Zepter von Zavandor (Myself, Jean-Philippe, Alice and Thierry)
Dungeon Twister with Serge
Dungeon Twister
Dungeon Twister 4-player
Dungeon Twister (Xavier H, Stephane, Damien and Julien
Fanci (Philippe, Michael and ?)
Keythedral  (Camille, Serge and Benoit)
Game shelves
Game shelves

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