Gaming report

2005-02-18 Friday
Winter in Varberg
Hotel Gästis entrance
Hotel Gästis - Our room
Hotel Gästis - Our room
Hotel Gästis - a corridor
The big gaming room
The small gaming room
Blokus (Stefan, Fredrik and Fréderic)
Blokus close-up
Himalaya  (Stefan, Fredrik and Fréderic)
Himalaya close-up
Lost Cities (Bo and Magnus J)
Goa (Magnus J, Karin and Bo)
Lost Cities (sanny and Johan)
Railroad Dice (Fredrik and Fréderic)
Railroad Dice close-up
Railroad Dice close-up
Flaschenteufel (Tobias, Johan, Stefan and Sanny)
Olé (Anders Q, Kristina, Simon, Magnus L and Mattias)
Dinner (Maria, Jonas, Bo, Fréderick(partly hidden), Sanny, Elli and Magnus J (the hungry one))
Dinner (Stefan, Simon, Mattias (partly hidden), Anders, Kristina, Sanny and Magnus L)
Inauguration speach by Johan, who had arranged the convent
Magnus won the Alea mascot as a prize for an Alea tournament several months earlier
Himalaya (Tobias, Sanny, Anders and Kristina)
Australia (Johan, Jonas, Stefan and Fredrik)
Nautilus (Fréderic, Magnus J and Karin)
Betrayal in the House on the Hill (Maria, Anders, Magnus J and Magnus L)
Starfarers of Catan (Mattis, Bo and Elli)
Starfarers of Catan close-up
Niagara (Fredrik, Johan, Jonas and Stefan)
Niagara close-up
Niagara (Anders Q, Anders, Kristina and Maria)
Das Zepter von Zavandor (Magnus, Simon, Karin, Stefan, Jonas and Fréderic)
Texas Holdem poker (Fredrik, Tobias, Sanny, Magnus L and Johan)

2005-02-19 Saturday
Gaming "mascots"
Blokus (Magnus L and Stefan has a lot to think about)
Eufrat&Tigris (Fréderick, Sanny, Tobias and Karin)
Trias (Anders(standing), Maria, Kristina and Mattias)
Medici (Jonas, Mattias, Anders Q, Johan and Fredrik)
Through the Desert (Fréderic, Sanny and Tobias)
Cathedral (Maria and Kristina)
Struggle of the Empires (Simon, Stefan, Bo and Magnus J)
Struggle of the Empires close-up
Struggle of the Empires close-up at the end
Time Agent (Anders Q, Jonas, Mattias, Karin, Magnus L and Tobias)
Time Agent (Mattias, Magnus Tobias and Jonas)
Blokus (Fredrik and Fréderic)
RoboRally (Maria, Mattias, Anders and Kristina)
Reef Encounter (Sanny, Johan, Fredrik and Fréderic)
Reef Encounter close-up
La Strada (Karin, Johan and Fredrik)
Age of Steam with the Scandinavian expansion (start-up) 
Age of Steam with the Scandinavian expansion (end-game)
Kremlin (Mattias, Anders, ? and Tobias)
Quo Vadis (Maria, Karin, Anders Q, Magnus J, Jonas)
Im Schatten des Kaisers (Kristina, Johan, Fredrik and Fréderic)
Nuclear War (Sanny, Anders, Karin, Elli and Magnus L)
Das Zepter von Zavandor (Bo, Simon and Magnus J)
Hive (Karin and Fréderic)
Dos Rios (Karin, Fréderic and Stefan)
Texas Holdem poker (Fredrik, Johan, Mattias, Tobias, Anders and Kristina)

2005-02-20 Sunday
Bluff (Jonas, Magnus L and Fredrik)
San Juan (myself, Fréderic and Magnus J)
I'm the Boss (Anders Q, Magnus L, Simon and Elli)
McMulti (Sanny, Tobias, Mattias and Fredrik)
McMulti close-up
Torres (Karin, Anders, Jonas amd Stefan)
Goldbrau (Fréderic and Magnus J)
Goldbrau close-up
Australia (Bo, Johan and Kristina)
Himalaya  (Anders Q, Magnus L, Simon and Maria)
Through the Desert (Mattias, Magnus J, Bo and Kristina)
Through the Desert close-up
Hive (Tobias and Sanny)
Flandern 1302 (Fréderic, Stefan, Johan and Fredrik)
Elli was not gaming all the time
Blokus (Karin and Jonas)
Blokus (Jonas and Elli)
Submarine (Magnus J, Mattias and Bo)
Submarine close-up

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